Bicycle Accident FAQs

After many years of representing victims of serious bicycle accidents, we have found that there are some questions clients frequently ask us. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding bicycle collisions. If you or your loved one have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is important you understand your rights. You may have the right to obtain compensation through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

What Should I Do if the Police Report Says That I Am at Fault for the Bicycle Accident?

Many bicycle accident reports from police are inaccurate and wrongly blame the bicyclist for the collision. Unfortunately, insurance companies often use the police report as an excuse not to settle the case right away. More often than not, the true cause of the accident is often revealed when the victim's attorney engages in questioning the police officer who was at the scene.

In other words, just because the police report states that you were at fault does not mean you actually were at fault. An attorney can help you gather evidence. If you were not at fault, an attorney can help you prove that another person caused the accident.

If I Am Partly at Fault for the Bicycle Accident, Does That Mean I Don’t Have a Claim?

Not necessarily. The best way to determine whether you may have a valid claim for compensation is to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can review your case and help you decide whether it is worth pursuing a claim. Do not assume that you are at fault just because the police report says you are or because the other party's claiming you are at fault.

How Much is My Bicycle Accident Claim Worth?

You may be wondering whether it is even worse to hire an attorney to pursue a claim for compensation. At the same time, it is impossible to precisely accurately predict what will happen in your case because nobody knows the future. An attorney can give you an estimate as to what your case may be worth based on their experience and multiple factors. Generally, the more severe your injuries, the more your case will be worth.

The most critical factors determining your case value include your medical, work, and property expenses. An attorney will also consider how your injuries will affect you in the future and how much insurance isn't available to pay for your damages. For example, suppose you suffered a spinal cord injury after a driver in a motor vehicle collided with you. If you are no longer able to work and in severe pain, your claim could be worth over a million dollars.

On the other hand, if you incurred a broken bone and lacerations that healed within two months, your claim would be less valuable. Still, you could be entitled to over $10,000, depending on how expensive your medical care was and how much time you missed from work. If you had to have multiple surgeries to repair the broken bone, your claim could be worth over $50,000.

How Long Will My Case Take to Settle?

It is also impossible to tell you how long it will take to settle your claim. Bicycle collision lawsuits involving severe injuries rarely settle quickly. until your medical treatment is finished. It may not be wise to settle your case because you want to ensure that your future medical bills will be included in the settlement.

Most insurance companies try to delay settling the cases as long as possible. They know how long the case will take, so if they can delay settling, they may keep the money until the last possible moment. Additionally, many North Carolina courts are behind on hearing cases because of COVID-19 shutdowns. One thing is for sure, however. If you wait too long to speak to an attorney and file a claim, you could lose your ability to pursue compensation for your injuries. Speaking to an attorney can ensure you do not miss important deadlines for filing your case.

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