Client Reviews


Arnold & Smith was great. They are always on time for your case, they really know what they are talking about. They arevery good about giving you updates on your case. I highly recommend everyone to use Arnold & Smith as your attorney they will make sure you get the best result possible for your case. By far the best attorney in the area.

- Austin

The Best in Charlotte

I can't say enough great things about Matthew Arnold and his team. I had a very complicated, high-conflict case which took a lot of time and effort on everyone's part, and I feel like my case was given the time and attention it required. Matt Arnold is a great attorney, and I would go as far as saying one of the best in Charlotte, if not the best. Bree is also amazing. She always took the time to explain things to me in a way that I would understand. This is not a group of your run of the mill attorneys...they are knowledgeable, great at what they do, they care, and they won't put up with BS. Hiring Matt Arnold and his team was the best decision I made.

- Amber

I recommend Mr. Smith

I am very satisfied with how Mr. Smith and his team have handled my case. They have been very informative and made the process as easy as possible while getting results.

- James

Very Helpful

Paul Tharp was an excellent attorney. After my accident, which was my first major wreck, i was pretty lost as to what to do. Paul was very understanding at my lack of knowledge and talked me through the whole ordeal. The case was resolved quickly, with little effort on my part. I would highly recommend Paul to my family or friends.

- Mark

Highly Recommend

Resonable expectations were set and the results far exceeded them. I was well informed, prepared and supported by Matt and his team. They provided comfort and confidence, as well as a great outcome. I can't possibly describe how grateful I truly am for what they have done for me. Matt was recommended to be by another trusted individual and I believe that was a blessing.

- Anthony

Excellent service

Mr. Smith and his staff offer excellent service would highly recommend them to anyone!!

- Craig

Paul Tharp

I retained Mr. Tharp to help me with a personal injury claim against my insurance company. The person who hit us had no insurance, nor a driver's license; therefore, my claim would have fallen under the uninsured section of our insurance, at which they did not want to pay. Mr. Tharp and his able paralegal, Dylan Griffin, worked steadily on my case and had it settled in less than a year. The settlement covered all of my outstanding medical fees, as well as a nice personal injury settlement for me--which I did not expect. I placed my trust in them from the beginning and asked them to lead me through the process. They did just that and made the process so much easier. I would certainly retain them again if I ever needed an attorney again.

- Gail