Car Accidents

Unfortunately, many people will experience a car accident as a driver or a passenger in their lifetimes. Motor vehicle accidents can involve a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle. Car accidents affect people of all walks of life and happen in all different types of locations. Fatal car accidents can occur on rural North Carolina roads or in busy cities like Charlotte. Car accident injuries can also range from mild to severe. In some instances, car accidents cause the death of passengers or drivers involved.

The car accident attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC have extensive experience representing car accident victims. We have represented clients who have suffered from all types of injuries, ranging from mild to severe. We understand that when you have suffered an injury resulting from a car accident, you need to receive compensation for your injuries. If you have had to take time off of work and you have experienced mounting medical bills, it is helpful to receive payment as quickly as possible. If you have suffered an injury from a car accident in North Carolina, it is wise to contact a Charlotte personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact our law firm today to set up your free initial consultation.

Car Accident Injuries are Far too Common in North Carolina

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles reported that in 2017, 1,396 people died as a result of car accidents. In 2017, 13.59 people died in fatal car accidents for every 100,000 people in North Carolina. Additionally, 127,964 people suffered injuries resulting from a car accident that took place in North Carolina that year. Over 120,000 North Carolinians sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident in 2017. Many of these car accident-related injuries resulted from the negligence of distracted or drunk drivers.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in almost any type of bodily injury, ranging in severity from mild to serious. In severe cases, car accidents result in the death of one or more people. The sheer size of motor vehicles combined with high speed can create dangerous collisions. Every part of someone's body becomes exposed to potential injury in a motor vehicle collision. From broken bones to vital organ damage, the types of injuries incurred in a crash depend on the position of the victim, the force of the impact, and other factors such as shattered glass. Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, such as:

  • Bone fractures often result from car accidents. Hands, wrists, and arms often suffer broken bones because car accident victims often extend their arms at the moment of impact to protect their faces and heads from injury. Rib, clavicle, and sternum fractures are also common car accident injuries. If a motor vehicle collides into another car, the driver or passenger may slam into the door and experience broken ribs.
  • Spinal cord injuries can occur in car accidents and often occur in motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists only have helmets to protect their heads. If a motorcyclist collides with a car or truck, he or she will likely fly off the bike and hit his or her neck against the ground or another vehicle. Blunt force trauma to the neck can cause the spinal cord to become damaged, sometimes resulting in paralysis.
  • Back and neck injuries, that include compression fractures, herniated discs, strained muscles, and sprained neck can occur during a car accident. The whiplash of the neck happens when the force of the car accident sharply causes the head to launch forward and snap back. Whiplash can cause people pain for decades, even when properly treated.
  • Traumatic brain injuries can be among the most severe caused by car accidents. If someone's head slammed into the dashboard or the violent force of the crash caused a person’s brain to slam against his or her skull, a traumatic brain injury can result. Brain swelling and bleeding can cause death or serious long-term damage.
Experienced Charlotte Auto Accident Injury Attorneys Can Help

If you have suffered from any of the injuries listed above, you might be entitled to compensation. In North Carolina, when someone’s negligent or reckless driving causes the car accident that results in injuries, the injured party may be entitled to seek compensation. Successful plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain, and suffering. To set up your free initial consultation with an experienced North Carolina car accident injury attorney, contact our law firm today.

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