How Much is a Broken Bone Case Worth in North Carolina?

Broken bone injuries can be devastating and take a significant amount of time to heal, especially for older victims. If you suffered a bone fracture due to another person's negligence or recklessness, you might be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. When we meet with clients who have been injured in a personal injury accident, one of the first questions they ask us is how much their broken bone case is worth. While it is impossible to accurately predict how much broken bone cases are worth, there are a few factors that go into determining your case’s value.

Proving Liability in a Broken Bone Lawsuit

First, you will not be able to recover any compensation unless you prove that another person's negligence caused your broken bone. In North Carolina, plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits need to prove the following elements to recover compensation:

  • The defendant owed you a duty to act reasonably under the circumstances
  • The defendant breached that duty through negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions
  • The defendant’s breach of duty caused the accident that resulted in your bone fracture

We recommend speaking to an experienced broken bone injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will begin gathering evidence that shows that the defendant’s negligence caused your bone fracture.

Calculating the Value of Your Broken Bone Case

Every broken bone injury is different. Some bone fractures are relatively mild and heal quickly. Other bone fractures are complex and require multiple surgeries and invasive procedures along with physical therapy and rehabilitation. Many victims of broken bone injuries cannot return to their work while recovering, making it difficult for them to pay their medical bills. There is not a chart or calculator we can use to give our clients a definitive answer about the value of their legal claim. However, there are certain factors we use to get an idea of how much a broken bone lawsuit is worth, including the following:

  • The body part or parts affected by the bone fracture
  • Whether the victim will regain full function of the broken limb
  • The severity of the broken bone or bones
  • Whether the impairments from the bone fracture will heal or be permanent
  • Whether the victim suffered other types of physical injuries in addition to the bone fracture
  • Whether the victim suffered emotional distress from the car accident or other accident that caused his or her bone fractures
  • Whether the victim obtained appropriate medical treatment after suffering the bone fracture
  • Whether the treating doctors provided the defendant with a clear diagnosis
  • Whether the treating doctors provided a clear prediction for the patient’s recovery, and future treatment requirements
  • Whether the victim will be permanently disabled due to the bone fracture
  • The medical bills and expenses related to the bone fracture
  • The type of limitations the victim must endure due to the bone fracture
  • How the bone fracture affects the victim's daily activities.
  • The effect the bone fracture has on the victim’s marriage/spouse

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the court or county in which the victim files a lawsuit can also impact the value of the case. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we have years of experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits throughout the greater Charlotte area. We will find the best county to file your bone fracture lawsuit and fight to keep it in that county, even if the defendant fights against it. We also have a network of experienced financial professionals who can help us accurately estimate the future cost associated with your bone fracture injury.

What to Do After Suffering a Bone Fracture in an Accident

Knowing what to do after being seriously injured in an accident can be confusing. We recommend that you undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation as soon as possible after your accident. Insurance companies and defendants often try to prove that plaintiffs are not as injured as they claim to be. If you do not receive a diagnosis of your bone fracture quickly, or if you fail to follow your doctor's orders, you could be hurting your potential legal claim.

Contact a Charlotte Bone Fracture Lawyer

After you receive medical treatment, we recommend contacting an experienced Charlotte area personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will help you navigate the process of seeking compensation through an insurance claim and protect your rights. Contact the experienced Charlotte area personal injury lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, today to schedule your free initial consultation by calling 855.370.2828.

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