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$12.2 Million In Judgments For Clients In 2021

Through the month of May, Arnold & Smith, PLLC's personal injury lawyers have obtained judgments totaling $12.2 million… in 2021 alone! If you have suffered an injury as a result of another person's negligent or intentional conduct, contact our team of experienced professionals today. Our personal injury team gets results for injured clients!

$10,500,000: Civil Rights Claim Against School Board

A young man is sexually abused by a school teacher. He alleges that the school board that employed the teacher knew about past conduct involving the same teacher. The lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC take on the young man's case and spend nearly five years investigating, researching, filing, and litigating the young man's case. After a four-day federal civil rights jury trial in May 2021, a federal jury awards the young man $10,500,000. According to the Charlotte Observer, it is the largest-known jury verdict in recent history for a sex-abuse case in Charlotte.

$1,500,000: Civil Rights Claim Against Abusive Police Officer

A family sought the assistance of the personal injury lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC after discovering that their young daughter had been sexually assaulted by a police officer. Arnold & Smith's aggressive personal injury team pursued claims against the officer and city that employed him, settling the minor's claims against the city, and securing as $1,500,000 judgment against the officer.

$1.15 Million: Car Accident

A high-speed, head-on collision grievously injured a young man in a collision. Stacking available insurance policies and advocating on the young man’s behalf, the professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC obtained the maximum available damages and settled the young man’s case out of court for $1.15 million.

$400,000: Civil Rights Claims

Two young women are detained by police officers over a bad parking job. One of the young women is placed in handcuffs and taken to jail, without being charged with a crime. The other woman is arrested and, while handcuffed, is thrown to the ground, sustaining serious injuries to her face and teeth. After years of in-court litigation against the police officers and the department that employed them, the attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC settled the young women's cases for $400,000.

$280,000: Wrongful Death

A single-vehicle accident results in the tragic death of a teenage driver. The driver's speeding is blamed for the crash, but an investigation shows that roadway conditions played a role. Through years of in-court litigation, the attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, overcame a contractor's and a state agency's defenses, ultimately settling, on the eve of trial, for $280,000.

$255,000: Wrongful Death

A tragic interstate crash resulted in the deaths of two Arnold & Smith, PLLC clients. Because the at-fault driver had no assets, the only damages available to the families of the decedents came from the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver and underinsured motorist policies of persons involved in the crash. Before the families contacted Arnold & Smith, PLLC, the insurance companies offered to settle the case for $26,000.00 paid to each family. Through successful advocacy in the state trial courts and successful arguments before the state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, the professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, were able to secure $255,000.00 for the families—the maximum amount of available coverage, and five (5) times more than the families were offered before they came to Arnold & Smith.

$225,000: Workers' Compensation

A contractor failed to secure a covering on a steep depression in a floor. A worker on the floor slipped and fell into the hole. After finalizing years of treatment related to the fall, including multiple surgeries, the worker employed the attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC to pursue the company whose contractor failed to secure the floor covering. The professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC were able to secure over $225,000 in settlements and judgments on the injured worker's behalf.

$200,000: Man Injures Knee As A Result Of Company's Negligence

The personal injury team at Arnold & Smith, PLLC represented a man who fell after a cleaning company negligently installed a vent cover in a building. After litigating the man's claims for over two years, Arnold & Smith's personal injury lawyers obtained a confidential settlement from the building owner and a $200,000 judgment against the cleaning company.

$160,000: Dog Bite

A pit bull attacked a combat veteran walking his service dog, biting his face and arm. Arnold & Smith settled his case for $160,000.00.

$150,000: Car Accident

In a rear-end auto accident case, Arnold & Smith, PLLC obtained the maximum available damages and settled a young woman’s case out of court for $150,000.00.

$150,000: Drunk Driving Accident

The professionals at Arnold & Smith recently settled a client’s case for $150,000, despite the client’s intoxication.

$135,000: Workers' Compensation

A young woman working at a well-known retailer injured her back while stocking goods. The attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC assisted the young woman in receiving all of the medical care necessary to treat her injury, and secured temporary compensation for her while she was out of work. After advocating on the young woman's behalf for several years, the professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC were able to secure a lump-sum settlement in the amount of $135,000 for the young woman.

$120,000: Injured Passenger

The professionals at Arnold & Smith recently settled cases in which persons were injured while riding as passengers in their own vehicles.

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Resonable expectations were set and the results far exceeded them. I was well informed, prepared and supported by Matt and his team. They provided comfort and confidence, as well as a great outcome. I can't possibly describe how grateful I truly am for what they have done for me. Matt was recommended to be by another trusted individual and I believe that was a blessing. Anthony
I can't say enough great things about Matthew Arnold and his team. I had a very complicated, high-conflict case which took a lot of time and effort on everyone's part, and I feel like my case was given the time and attention it required. Matt Arnold is a great attorney, and I would go as far as saying one of the best in Charlotte, if not the best. Bree is also amazing. Amber