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Every summer, hundreds of people become injured in jet ski accidents in North Carolina. When the temperature in North Carolina rises, you can be sure to find more people enjoying boating and water sports, including jet skiing. North Carolina has over 300 miles of Coastline and 30 lakes; jet skiing is often one of North Carolina residents’ favorite outdoor activities. It is no surprise that we have seen an increase in jet ski accidents in recent years. In a split second, the victim's life can be changed dramatically as jet ski accidents often involve catastrophic injuries.

Causes of Jet Ski Accidents in Charlotte

Many different companies rent various watercraft equipment, including jet skis, to tourists and residents in North Carolina. Unfortunately, these companies do not always provide enough instruction to the renters. Insufficient training frequently leads to devastating jet ski accidents and severe injuries that could have been prevented. Some jet ski accidents even cause the victim's death.

Many jet ski operators who rent them for the day are often inexperienced and do not know how to properly use this powerful equipment in a restricted area or a boating line. As a result, jet ski accidents due to inexperience can cause severe personal injury not only to the person using the jet ski but to the boaters, operators, and their passengers. Sadly, many outdoor enthusiasts can avoid jet ski accidents by avoiding reckless or negligent behavior.

We have seen many jet ski injuries caused by intoxicated or reckless boat operators. The negligence of jet ski rental companies also causes many injuries. Other common causes of jet ski accidents include the following:

  • Colliding with various objects, including sandbars, buoys, docks, poles, debris, and other jet skis
  • An accident caused by jet skiing equipment failure
  • Falling off the jet ski at a high speed
  • Jet ski renters with a lack of experience who do not obey the United States maritime laws and regulations
  • Failure to wear a life jacket
  • A jet ski traveling at high speeds
  • Jet skis made with defective components

The injuries caused by these types of accidents vary. They can range from cuts and bruises to devastating traumatic brain injuries and limb amputations. They could also involve spinal cord injuries, extensive medical treatment, surgeries, hospitalization, and time off work.

Proving Negligence in a Jet Ski Accident

If you or your loved one has been injured in a jet ski accident, you will need to prove that another party’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. Unfortunately, filing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation due to a jet ski accident can be confusing and complicated. Determining a liable party in a jet ski accident can be difficult, especially if there are not many witnesses to the accident because it was on open water. You need an experienced lawyer who can thoroughly investigate the accident and gather evidence for your claim.

Our law firm can help you investigate your case to determine who is at fault for your injuries. In some cases, the boat equipment manufacturers are liable for the accident. They may not have adhered to North Carolina water activity laws or given you poorly maintained or malfunctioning equipment that caused your accident. Another possibility is that a negligent boating operator may have caused your injuries.

You will need to prove that another person or company’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. In other words, you will need to prove that “but for” the defendant's negligence, you would not have become injured. Suppose the rental company did not provide you with any warnings or training at all when they handed you the keys to the jet-ski. Your inexperience causes you to collide with a boat and become injured. In this case, you would be able to argue that you would not have suffered injuries “but for” the rental company’s negligence.

Consult With a Charlotte Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

Suppose your loved one has been seriously injured in a jet ski accident in the Charlotte area. In that case, it is essential that you discussed your case with a personal injury lawyer right away. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, our award-winning personal injury lawyers will help you preserve the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered in a boating or jet skiing accident. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation to learn more about how we can aggressively advocate for your rights.

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