Examples of Large Personal Injury Settlements

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we represent Charlotte-area clients who have suffered severe personal injuries in accidents. We represent clients who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice cases, and work-related accidents, as well as injuries caused by intentional actions, such as assault or battery. Every serious personal injury lawsuit is unique, but we can look to other personal injury lawsuits to better understand the process.

In 2019, a Family Received a $70 Million Jury Award After a Car Accident

In California, a Kern County jury awarded a local family a $70 million verdict . The mother and her two children were going out to get new clothes before the first day of school in 2017. A large semi-truck crashed into their SUV. The mother suffered severe brain injuries. One of her sons, who was entering 10th grade, suffered severe injuries. Paramedics found her youngest child crying hysterically outside of the SUV after finding their mother unresponsive.

The truck driver and defendant had a suspended license and had also been involved in 14 motor vehicle collisions before this incident. The plaintiffs sued the company who hired him, Rai Transport, which is based in Bakersfield, California. The injured plaintiffs suffered multiple brain bleeds and skull fractures. The mother no longer has a sense of taste or smell. Her olfactory nerves were ripped out during the accident. She is no longer able to live independently. The son, who was a star cross-country runner was told by doctors that he might not be able to run again.

An Oregon Jury Awards a $26.5 Million Verdict

An Oregon jury awarded the large verdict of $26.5 million in May 2019. The jury found that drivers from two trucking companies were chasing each other for 100 miles along U.S. Highway 20 before the fatal crash occurred that killed a woman and her husband near Burns, Oregon. The truck driver, who drove for Smoot Brothers, crashed into the victim head-on while she was driving east on U.S. 20. One of the defendant truck drivers was driving aggressively and cutting off the other truck driver. The two truck drivers were also braking checking each other prior to the crash.

Right before the semi-truck collision, one truck driver attempted to pass the other driver in a no-passing zone. The truck driver tried to return to his legal lane, but according to court reports, the other driver sped up or slowed down in an attempt to not allow the other trucker to pass. The two truck drivers were then in adjacent lanes when they came upon a blind turn. In an attempt to avoid colliding with the semi-truck heading toward her in the wrong lane, the victim swerved to the right at the same time one of the truck drivers swerved, causing a head-on collision that killed her and seriously injured her husband.

A Driver Recovered $1.2 Million After an Accident Caused by a Tire Defect

On May 22, the Arkansas Court of Appeals upheld a $1.2 million product defect verdict against a tire company. The Court also upheld sanctions against the defendant and the award of attorney fees. The lawsuit alleged that a defective Hankook tire caused the driver’s serious truck accident. The truck accident resulted in the victim facing serious personal injuries. The force of the truck accident caused the victim to become ejected through the windshield of the dump truck he was driving. Specifically, the tread on the tires began to separate, causing the accident.

A Missouri Court of Appeals Upholds a $4.7 Billion Talcum Powder Verdict

A Missouri jury recently awarded $4.7 billion to 22 women who contracted ovarian cancer due to using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. The baby powder contained asbestos. A panel of three judges at the Missouri Court of Appeals was skeptical about challenging a lower court judge’s order consolidation of the claims. There are many other lawsuits involving women who died after contracting ovarian cancer due to the use of baby powder, and many of them are under legal scrutiny for procedural questions.

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