Knee Replacement Injuries Lawsuit

Knee implants are extremely common in the United States. The newer the implants, the longer the implants will last, generally speaking. The recovery process can be difficult and long. Surgery and rehabilitation are worth it for many patients, however. Total knee replacement surgery is extremely complex and requires a surgeon to insert special knee implants that are designed to last 15 to 20 years. While many knee injuries go off without any complications, injuries do happen as a result of knee replacement surgeries.

Common Knee Replacement Complications

Some knee replacement patients experience severe and painful complications. The manufacturers of knee implants have recalled tens of thousands of implants with defective designs. Unfortunately, many knee implant devices that were later recalled are still in patients' knees.

Faulty knee implants can increase the risk that the patient will need additional surgeries. They can also cause pain and suffering, or even permanent disability. When a knee replacement implant is defective, it can cause severe knee joint infections that cause crippling pain.

Seeking Compensation for Your Knee Replacement Injuries

Defective knee implants can cause severe pain and a lifetime of complications. Patients who experience complications due to an infected knee implant might be entitled to compensation under North Carolina law. Successful plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Symptoms of Early Knee Replacement Failure

If you have received knee replacement surgery, it is important to watch for signs of problems and infections. The doctor in charge of your medical follow-up treatment is responsible for noticing signs of failing knee replacements. The following symptoms could indicate knee implant failure and the need for revision surgery:

  • Chronic swelling of the knee joint
  • Pain in the knee joint even months after the initial knee replacement surgery
  • Fracture or loosening of the implanted knee device
  • Breakage, post-fracture, or the premature wear of the polyethylene components
  • Periprosthetic injection, or deep joining injection requiring another surgery
  • Stiffness or instability of the joint resulting in difficulty walking
  • A weakening of the bones around the knee implant, called osteolysis
Commonly Used Knee Replacement Devices

There are four major manufacturers of knee replacement devices. They include the following:

  • Smith & Nephew - popular knee implants include the Total Knee System, Legion TKS, Journey, and Oxinium knee implant devices
  • Depuy-Synthes - The large pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson owns Depuy. This company offers a wide range of knee replacement devices. The most popular knee replacement devices in the United States include the Attune Knee System, the Sigma Total Knee System, and the LCS Complete Knee System
  • Stryker and its subsidiary company, Howmedica Osteonics, accounts for over 20% of the total knee replacement device market. Stryker's most popular knee replacement devices include the Scorpio and Triathlon knee devices
  • Exactech sells the knee system called Optetrak
  • MicroPort Orthopedics makes the Medial-Pivot Knee System, iTotal Knee System, and the ConforMIS system
DePuy Manufactured and Sold Implants Without FDA Approval

DePuy announced that it would be recalling several different types of knee implant devices from the market. The company later revealed that it never received FDA approval to manufacture and sell the devices initially. There have been several complaints lodged against the DePuy company over its knee implants.

Claims range from stating that the implants provide a decreased range of motion, lengthened or shortened the leg, or caused a fracture of the tibia or the femur. In other cases, the complaints state that the implants will wear down the soft bone tissue prematurely. When this happens, the patient can suffer an even greater bone loss during the revision procedure.

Discovering Whether or Not Your Knee Implant is Defective

Every knee replacement case is unique. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, our lawyers have experience when it comes to reviewing medical history. We help our clients obtain additional documentation so we can discover whether or not their injuries were caused by a defective knee replacement system. We can also recommend a comprehensive medical examination from an expert doctor that will help you determine whether or not your knee replacement system is failing.

In some cases, the manufacturers of knee implants issue a notice of recall and send it to doctors and patients about defective or dangerous knee replacement devices. In other situations, defective knee replacement devices are discoverable through data submitted to the adverse event database of the FDA. Or, national joint replacement registries often show defective knee joints. Finally, scientific publications and medical research can identify particular complications or injuries associated with a specific manufacturer or device.

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