Pinnacle Pelvic Mesh Injury Lawyers can Help Persons With Claims

The medical device company Boston Scientific began making transvaginal mesh devices in 1996. Like several other prominent medical device manufacturers, Boston Scientific has been accused of designing defective pelvic mesh devices.

Over the past eighteen (18) years, the Food and Drug Administration has issued recalls of seven vaginal mesh products made by Boston Scientific. Numerous women have brought lawsuits against Boston Scientific after suffering injuries that they alleged were caused by defective pelvic mesh products. According to reports, Boston Scientific’s Pinnacle Pelvic Mesh device is only the latest of several mesh products that have been linked to significant complications and injuries.

Injuries and Complications Arising From Pinnacle Pelvic Mesh Implants Lead to Claims

Patients who underwent procedures in which Boston Scientific Pinnacle Pelvic Mesh was implanted have reported a wide range of complications and adverse symptoms following implantation procedures.

In some cases, experts have opined that the Pinnacle pelvic mesh has an unreasonably prominent chance of eroding after placement within a patient’s pelvis. The erosion of the mesh material can damage organs and tissues in a patient’s body.

In addition, after the devices have been implanted, the normal processes of a patient’s body will facilitate the growth of tissue over the implanted mesh product. Patients in several lawsuits over the mesh products have alleged that the mesh devices are defective because they become difficult to remove, and because removal can cause tissue damage to surrounding organs and tissue.

Revision Surgeries May not be Able to Repair all Damage

Unfortunately, in many instances, injuries caused by defective transvaginal mesh products may not be amenable to repair by surgery or other medical techniques. During vaginal mesh revision surgeries, surgeons may encounter significant difficulties in removing all of the implanted vaginal mesh. While large pieces of the mesh may easily be removed, many smaller pieces may be difficult, if not impossible, to locate and remove. Some mesh particles may penetrate organs or other tissue within the body and cannot be visualized. Attempting to locate and remove these tiny particles may be impossible, given the risk of direct injury to the affected organs. The particles may yet cause pain, infections, and other serious complications in patients.

Patients Have Brought Lawsuits After Suffering Vaginal Mesh Injuries

Many women who have suffered injuries caused by vaginal mesh products have brought lawsuits against the makers of the products. Currently, complications associated with vaginal mesh underlie some of the most important mass tort litigation in the United States. Observers have estimated that claimants in these actions have recovered approximately $8 billion in settlements or verdicts.

Medical device manufacturers have a duty to create reasonably safe products. They also have a duty to warn patients of potential risks associated with devices. Some plaintiffs in actions across the United States have successfully litigated claims against product manufacturers based on their failure to warn patients about the potential dangers associated with their products. Plaintiffs in these cases have alleged that these companies were aware of the dangers of vaginal mesh products, yet they continued to promote the products as a safe alternatives to other traditional medical techniques.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or complications from the implantation of a defective vaginal mesh product, the best thing you can do is to speak to an attorney who is experienced at handling personal injury cases in your jurisdiction. Every state, including North Carolina, imposes a statute of limitations and other procedural rules and hurdles to bringing and maintaining personal injury actions. The statute of limitations, for instance, requires injured plaintiffs to file lawsuits within a specified time period. Failure to do so will forever bar otherwise valid claims.

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