Bicycle Accidents Increase in Warmer Weather

During the spring and summer months, there are many more opportunities for North Carolina residents to spend time outdoors as the weather warms up. Cycling, running, and walking have become more popular activities and can result in more people spending time outside. It is always important for cyclists and runners to be vigilant near roads and highways.

Unfortunately, their alertness may not be sufficient to counteract the negligence of impaired or distracted drivers. As we head into the summer months, people are more likely to be bicycling on crosswalks, bike lanes, and sidewalks, increasing the possibility of a bicycle accident.

The Risk of Bicycle Accidents Increases in the Summer

Cyclists are always at risk of being injured year-round, but bicycle accidents tend to increase during the summer months. When examining data on bicycle accidents gathered by the National Safety Council (NSC), it becomes clear that more bicycle accidents typically occur when the weather is warmer. During all times of the year, most fatal bicycle accidents happen between 6 p.m. and 8:59 PM. Nearly 20% of bicycle accidents can occur during the summertime during this three-hour time frame.

In the prolonged daylight during summertime, cyclists are on the road for longer periods each day. The extended daylight also means that each day can be as dangerous as the next time of day. During other seasons, most bicycle accidents occur during the early and mid-evening. However, in the summer, bicycle accidents happen relatively equally throughout all periods of the day.

People Are on the Road More Often in the Summer

During the summertime, more people bicycle. While some dedicated cyclists will ride in nearly any weather, including cold weather, many people enjoy bicycling when it is warmer outside. There are also more cars on the road during summer in many cases. People may be on vacation and touring Charlotte and other popular destinations in North Carolina. They may let their guard down because they are relaxed and having fun. As a result, drivers are more likely to be distracted and collide with a cyclist. The less frequently drivers focus on the road, the greater the likelihood of a dangerous accident.

The Days Are Warmer

Dehydration can be an issue during the summer months. No matter how fit a cyclist is, if they do not stay hydrated in warm weather, they could become dehydrated. Dehydration causes several side effects that can negatively affect someone's ability to ride, such as decreasing their reaction time. A person can even experience heat stroke while riding, increasing their chances of becoming involved in a dangerous bicycle accident.

There Is Typically More Construction During the Summer

Depending on what part of North Carolina you live in, you may see more construction projects happening during the summer months. This is especially true in Charlotte, near colleges and universities, and in other cities and town centers. Local governments will often take advantage of warmer weather and better working conditions to improve the roads. Overall, construction can be a net positive for cyclists. However, it can be difficult for cyclists to stay safe during the construction process. When they pass a construction project, a cyclist may temporarily lose their bicycle lane. Alternatively, the cyclist could be rerouted to unknown, unsafe roads.

In other cases, construction workers fail to properly mark the construction area to give cyclists enough warning to move out of the way. A cyclist can also become injured by heavy machinery entering the road unexpectedly and without warning. Cities and other local governments have an obligation to use reasonable care to prevent injuries to cyclists during construction projects. Drivers of passenger vehicles also have a duty to drive safely around construction accidents to avoid colliding with cyclists.

Injured in a Charlotte Bicycle Accident? We Can Help

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