Extension Cord Fires and Burn

Most homeowners in North Carolina use electrical cords, especially around the holidays. Electrical extension cords fires can be incredibly dangerous. Extension cord fires can cause severe burns. Children that play with and pets who chew on extension cords may suffer electrocution and electrical burns. Researchers have cautioned parents about the dangers associated with electrical cords. Between 1997 and 2012, doctors reported over 1,000 electrical burn injuries suffered by children, many of whom bit extension cords that were on the ground. Extension cord fires and burns can cause cosmetic injuries and functional injuries that make it difficult for children to eat and talk.

If You Have Suffered an Extension Cord Injury, You May be Entitled to Compensation

Has your child suffered an injury from biting an extension cord? Has an extension cord caught fire and caused you serious personal injuries and property damages? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Extension cord manufacturers and home builders have a legal duty to manufacture and sell safe extension cords. Likewise, home builders have a legal duty to put safe electrical outlets in houses they build. Contact our extension cord fire lawyers today to schedule your complimentary, free consultation today.

Extension Cord Fires can be Deadly

An extension cord that becomes overheated can start a fire that can end in property damage or injuries, possibly even the death of those inside the property. In 2015, an extension cord started a fire that burned the home of a family living in Brooklyn, New York. Neighbors tried to help the family escape through an upstairs window, but the family could not escape in time and became burned in the fire.

Signs of Extension Cord Fires

There are often warning signs that an extension cord has the potential to start a fire before the fire takes place. Signs include a warm plug or cord. Cords that are too hot or warm are using too much power from the electrical outlet. Additionally, electrical outlets often buzz when they are pulling too much electricity. Sometimes an extension cord will spark when you plug in an electrical device.

Extension Cord Fires are More Common in the Winter

Extension cord fires in North Carolina are particularly concerning in the winter months. An electric heater that is plugged into a wall outlet via an extension cord is particularly dangerous in the winter. Additionally, many people plug Christmas lights into an extended power strip. Should the outlet overheat, it could cause a serious fire.

Preventing an Electrical Cord Fire

Many deaths from extension cord fires can be prevented by smoke detectors that are properly installed and working. It may be surprising to some that smoke inhalation, not being burned is often the cause of death in house fires. The gas emitted by an extension cord fire can also cause severe injuries or death. The extreme heat from the extension cord fire can burn the lungs so severely that death occurs. In two-story houses, the smoke from a fire can drift up into the bedroom on the second story. Without a working fire alarm, the smoke can cause someone serious injuries before they even realize that the fire has taken place.

Other tips for preventing extension cord fires include the following:

  • Installing tamper-resistant outlet covers or electrical outlets
  • Inspect all extension cords for damage before using an outlet and check for damage electrical sockets or loose wires. Do not use an extension cord that is hot to the touch
  • Keep unprotected extension cords out of sight and away from foot traffic
  • Do not place an extension cord under a rug as doing so could cause the extension cord to overheat
  • Keep young children and pets safe by watching them when they are near outlets and electrical cords
  • Do not plug in more than one single heat-producing component, device, or appliance into a power outlet
  • Test every GFCI and AFCI as often as recommended by the manufacture to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Only use extension cords temporarily. Appliances and electrical fixtures that require permanent use should have their own permanent outlet
  • If you feel a tingling when you touch an electrical device or appliance, request help immediately from an electrician
  • Cover unused electrical outlets to prevent kids from playing with or inserting objects into an electrical outlet
Our Personal Injury Lawyers can Help

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC our lawyers are committed to helping our clients recover compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury from an extension cord fire, we can help. Contact our personal injury lawyers today to schedule your initial consultation. Now taking cases throughout North Carolina with offices in Uptown Charlotte, Mooresville and Monroe.

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