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Hot water explosions can be extremely dangerous. Many hot water heater explosions are due to a manufacturer’s defect, a lack of proper maintenance, or improper installation. Recently, a massive water heater explosion took place at a movie theater in Arizona. The large commercial water heater exploded at a movie theater complex. There were 11 engines, two chiefs, two fire trucks, and two medical units at the scene of the accident, according to officials. Thankfully, the water heater explosion happened when there were not any other people around. Although there were no injuries, the explosion did cause significant property damage.

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Hot water heater explosions can be incredibly serious when they take place at industrial locations. Hot water heater explosions can also be extremely dangerous when they happen at home. Electrical water heaters require 220 volts of electricity. This amount of electricity is double the amount of electricity of a common electrical outlet. Gas water heaters need a steady flow of propane gas or natural gas that is ignited by pilot light.

Any malfunction of the energy source, or to the stream of gas can cause an explosion or a fire in a commercial building or a home. Gas explosions can cause severe injuries and even death in some cases. If you, or someone you love have suffered a personal injury from a hot water heater explosion, our lawyers can help. Contact Arnold & Smith, PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation.

Common Causes of Gas Water Heater Explosions

Several different factors can cause a hot water heater explosion. One physical cause of hot water tank explosions is too much pressure inside the water tank. It is normal for a certain amount of pressure to be present, however, if the water heater has too much pressure inside the tank, it will explode. Modern water heaters come with safety measures designed to release some of that pressure to help prevent explosions from taking place.

For example, water heaters include pressure relief valves, known as the T & P valve. This valve helps regulate the pressure in the water tank. The T & P valve is vital for preventing hot water heater explosions. If the valve is damaged or not manufactured correctly, and an unsafe amount of pressure builds, an explosion can take place. Other risk factors for water heater explosions include the following:

  • Corrosion in the water heater can be potentially dangerous. It can result in a short circuit that could explode or start a fire.
  • The metal components in water heaters can rust, causing them to not work properly.
  • Owners of water heaters can set their thermostat to whatever temperature they choose. When owners set the temperature too high or too low, the unit may stop being about to regulate pressure and a gas explosion may result.
  • The location of the water heater can cause a gas explosion. For example, when a water heater is in the basement, it can overheat due to lack of proper ventilation. This can also happen when the water heater is in an attic.
Seeking Compensation for Water Heater Explosion Accidents

If you have experienced a water heater tank explosion, you may be entitled to compensation if someone else’s negligence caused the explosion. The manufacturers of hot water heaters have a legal duty to meet specific safety guidelines. Additionally, licensed plumbers must meet their legal obligations to ensure that every water heater that they install meets those requirements. When hot water heater explosions cause death or injury, all negligent parties may be at fault.

More specifically, manufacturers and plumbers may be at fault due to the following:

  • A manufacturing defect or design flaw during manufacturing can cause a dangerous explosion or fire in the commercial property or home. Manufacturing defects often go unnoticed for years. When the pressure cannot become relieved through the safety valve, an explosion will happen. Injured parties can recover compensation from negligent manufacturers.
  • Improper installation can also cause serious injury or death. When maintenance technicians or installation contractors improperly install hot water heaters, they may be legally at fault for resulting injuries.
  • Improper maintenance can also lead to gas explosions. If someone hires a person to conduct maintenance on a hot water heater and the person fails to safely maintain the tank, he or she may be liable for injuries caused by the hot water tank explosion.
Our Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Water heater explosions can cause death and serious personal injury. If you have suffered an injury from a hot water heater explosion, we can help. Contact Arnold & Smith, PLLC to schedule your initial consultation today. Now taking cases throughout North Carolina with offices in Uptown Charlotte, Mooresville, and Monroe.

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