North Carolina Steam and Water Burn Lawyers

According to the American Burn Association, someone in the United States suffers a burn injury serious enough to require treatment once a minute. Scalding injuries caused by water or steam can be incredibly painful and take a significant time to heal. If you or a loved one have suffered a steam burn or water burn in North Carolina, our personal injury law firm can help.

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC we have extensive experience representing clients in personal injury matters, including burn injuries. When someone else’s negligence caused your steam or water burn injury, you may be entitled to compensation under North Carolina law. Contact our experienced steam and water burn personal injury lawyers as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.

Steam and Water Burns are All Too Common in North Carolina

According to the American Burn Association, burn injury happens every 65 seconds with approximately 486,000 injuries happening every year in the United States. Scald burns caused by hot water, other liquids, and steam, make up 35% of all of the burn injuries of those admitted to burn treatment centers. Most scald burns occur in peoples’ homes.

In fact, 85% of all scald burns happen in the home, compared to only 74% of other types of burns. For children under the age of 5, the injury rate for scald burns from steam or water increases to 95%.

The Most Common Factors That Contribute to Scald Burns from Steam and Hot Water

Children are at a higher risk of scald injuries caused by hot water and steam than adults. The following factors greatly contribute to the risk of a scald burn, especially among children.

  • Lack of supervision, or inadequate supervisions caused by caregivers who are sleeping, too immature to safely watch children, neglect, or infrequent observations
  • The caregiver negligently fails to perceive the danger and does not take reasonable measures to avoid scald burns caused by steam and hot water
  • Caregivers should have known about the danger of steam and hot water burns from scalding liquid but did not know
  • Caregivers who leave hot beverages in a child’s reach, fail to check the temperature of the bathwater, or carry hot liquids or food while holding a child
  • The caretaker negligently tells a child to complete a task above his or her developmental level, such as asking a child to take care of a younger sibling, turn on the bathwater, or use the microwave
  • Intentional injuries such as pouring scalding water on a child or submerging the child in hot water
Bringing a Lawsuit for Scald Burns from Steam and Water

Caregivers owe the children for whom they are caring a reasonable duty of care. When caretakers breach their duty of care, causing another person an injury, they will owe the injured person compensation for those injuries. For example, if a caregiver set a steaming hot cup of tea close to the edge of a counter at a daycare facility, the caregiver acted negligently. Should a child pull the cup off the counter and suffer scalding burns from the hot liquid, the negligent daycare worker, and the daycare facility is likely liable for the damages caused by his or her negligence.

The first part of seeking remedies is to determine who was at fault for your scalding burn injuries. Water scalding burns can be caused by any of the following:

  • Improper installation of a hot water tank
  • Improper maintenance or service on water heaters, faucets, and mixing valves
  • Caretakers whose negligence caused a child to become burned or scalded by hot liquid or steam
  • Product manufacturers of faucets, or hot water tanks
Seeking remedies After a Burn from Steam or Water

If you have suffered injuries due to hot water or steam and someone else’s negligence caused your burns, you could be entitled to compensation. Successful plaintiffs have a right to the following types of compensation:

  • Lost wages from missed work because of the burn injury
  • Past and future medical expenses, including physical therapy expenses
  • Other expenses associated with the burn injury
  • Pain and suffering damages
Our Steam and Water Burn Lawyers Can Help

Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you recover compensation for your steam and water burn injuries. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC we have successfully represented clients in all different types of personal injury accidents, including burn injuries. We have also handled cases across North Carolina. Contact our personal injury law firm as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation. Now taking cases throughout North Carolina with offices in Uptown Charlotte, Mooresville, and Monroe.

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