Five Injuries Commonly Caused By Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding is a beloved pastime by many North Carolina residents. Feeling the wind on your face while enjoying the fall foliage on the open road can be invigorating for motorcyclists. Every year, more and more people take up the hobby of motorcycling. Unfortunately, motorcyclists can quickly become severely injured due to the nature of motorcycle riding.

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than any other group on the roadways. In fact, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in accidents than passengers in a passenger vehicle in an auto accident. Even when motorcyclists are wearing proper safety equipment, they can become severely injured. While motorcycle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, some injuries are more common than others.

Leg Injuries

During motorcycle accidents, it is common for victims to sustain injuries to their lower extremities, including their calves, knees, ankles, and feet. When a motorcycle slides on the pavement, it can tip horizontally and crush a victim's legs and feet. Most of these injuries are not fatal, but they can result in debilitating, long-term injuries without proper care. Bone fractures, road rash, burn injuries, and even amputations can affect a person's lower extremities.

Road Rash

Road rash is another comment, but excruciatingly painful injury. The first injury that comes to mind when we think about motorcycle accident injuries is usually road rash. When motorcycle rider slides across the pavement after being thrown off of their motorcycle in an accident, their skin can suffer road rash. Road rash is more serious than a bruise or a scrape.

The force with which a motorcyclist scrapes the pavement can cause several layers of the victim's skin to be peeled away. In severe cases, all of the layers of skin can be peeled away, and the muscles underneath can become exposed. Motorcyclists can easily fly over the handlebars upon impact. Wearing protective gear, like leather jackets, riding pants, boots, and gloves, helps prevent road rash, but even these safety items can't always prevent road rash in severe cases.

Arm Injuries

Biker's arm is a condition that happens when a motorcyclist is thrown off their bike immediately upon impact. In a regular vehicle, seatbelts protect victims from flying outside of the vehicle. Motorcyclists do not have this type of protection. As humans, our instinct is to protect ourselves with our arms before we fall to minimize the impact on our heads and spinal cords. Because of this instinct, a person's arms are more likely to be affected by the severity of the impact, leading to damage to the nerves and bones of the hands and arms. Bracing for impact can cause bone fractures, road rash, and even permanent nerve damage in the arms and upper body that can prevent someone from working in the future.

Muscle Damage

When you ride a motorcycle, there is nothing separating you from the busy street. Muscle damage can happen anywhere on your body, and it can become permanent and even lead to paralysis in severe cases. Wearing a helmet, layers of sturdy clothing, and earplugs can help you prevent muscle damage. Leather jackets designed for motorcycle riding can help protect your skin underneath. There are also elbow and knee pads you can wear. Muscle injuries can be extremely painful and require ongoing rehabilitation and therapy.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head and neck injuries are also common in motorcycle accidents. They can also be the most severe and debilitating. A person's head contains the brain, which is the most powerful organ in the body, and also the heaviest. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can drastically reduce the severity of a head injury, but it cannot guarantee a head injury will not occur.

Head injuries may not be discovered soon after the accident because of the shock and adrenaline from the accident. If you have noticed any symptoms of a head injury, it is essential that you discuss them with the paramedics at the scene of the accident. If a paramedic recommends that you receive medical treatment, you should go to the hospital and receive a thorough examination.

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