Lane Change (Blind Spot) Motorcycle Accidents

One of the first instructions drivers receive when learning to drive is to check their blind spot. Driving a motor vehicle is a risky activity. The risk of a motorcycle accident increases when a driver is not mindful of blind spots. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when it comes to blind spot accidents. Many drivers are not used to looking for and keeping track of motorcyclists on the road. Due to their smaller size, it can be easy to miss a motorcycle in a driver's blind spot. Unfortunately, blind spot motorcycle accidents can be hazardous, leading to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, and death.

What Are Blind Spots?

A blind spot is an area that a driver cannot see with the eyes or mirror while driving. Drivers cannot see blind spots unless they turn their heads and divert their gaze from the road ahead. Blind spot motorcycle accidents happen when one or more drivers change directions or lanes while driving. A driver may fail to notice the motorcyclist in their blind spot and collide with them.

Also, blind spots can be caused by the pillars that connect the vehicle body to the vehicle roof. Additionally, objects in the vehicle or passengers can obscure a driver's vision, creating a blind spot. Blind spots do not always stay the same. They can shift as the driver's line of vision changes while driving. An accident can happen in a matter of seconds, making it essential that drivers are constantly vigilant about blind spots. Many motorcycle accidents involving blind spots occur when the passenger vehicle driver changes lanes and collides with a motorcyclist.

How Common Are Blind Spot Accidents?

As specified by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), blind spots are responsible for causing approximately 840,000 motor vehicle accidents annually in the U.S. Blind spot accidents cause about 300 fatalities per year.

Causes of Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

The most common type of blind spot injury involving motorcycles happens when a driver attempts to change lanes but does not notice the motorcycle beside them. Motorcycles are smaller and may be beyond the vehicle driver's line of sight. When the driver attempts to change lanes, they can collide with the motorcycle, potentially forcing it off the road. Due to the force of impact, the accident can cause the motorcyclist to be thrown from the motorcycle, resulting in devastating injuries. Other blind spot accidents are caused by turning into oncoming traffic, failing to see motorcycles at crosswalks and intersections, and hitting a motorcycle while reversing or backing up.

Determining Fault in a Blind Spot Motorcycle Accident

Safe driving habits include checking blind spots when merging, turning, or backing up. Complacent, reckless, and negligent drivers may fail to check their blind spots. Failure to check your blind spots can lead to a preventable car accident with a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists who are victims of blind spot accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries, or worst of all, wrongful death. We recommend discussing your case with an attorney as soon as possible if you were hurt in a blind spot accident.

After reviewing your case, your attorney will gather evidence supporting your claim. The insurance company or defendant may claim that you are at fault. Your attorney can help you prove that the at-fault driver failed to check their blind spot, resulting in the collision that caused her injuries. Evidence can include police reports, eyewitness testimony, video footage, pictures, and the expert opinion of an accident reconstruction specialist. The sooner you contact an attorney, the faster your attorney can begin investigating.

Contact a Blind Spot Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

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Compensation or damages can include lost wages, medical expenses, loss of future income, property damages, and pain and suffering. Contact Arnold & Smith, PLLC, today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how we can represent you. We take cases all over North and South Carolina.

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