Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents in North Carolina

Motorcycle accidents are often devastating, causing severe injuries for the motorcyclist involved. Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is difficult enough, but it is even more difficult when the driver who caused the accident engages in a hit-and-run. Hit-and-run accidents happen when a person involved in the collision drives off without exchanging information or waiting for police officers.

One example of a devastating hit-and-run motorcycle accident involved a man and his fiance. They were riding home after a night with friends when the back of the man's motorcycle blew out. He and his fiance were thrown from the motorcycle onto the freeway. An SUV ran over him, causing fatal injuries. One of the witnesses to the accident said that the driver of the SUV swerved to try to miss the woman lying on the road but ran over the male victim. The driver of the SUV did not stop to try to provide a statement or administer aid and has not yet been identified.

Common Causes of Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents

Every driver involved in a motorcycle accident must stop at the accident scene if any property damage or injuries have occurred. The drivers should move their vehicles safely and turn on their emergency lights. Typically, whenever there are injuries, substantial property damage, or death, police officers will be called to the scene as well as an ambulance. The motorcyclist and the other driver involved need to provide their statements to the police so the officer at the scene can write up an accident report.

When a driver does not stop at a motorcycle accident, and the accident causes injuries or fatalities, this is considered a hit-and-run crime. If law enforcement determined that they fled the accident scene, the driver who failed to stop could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Police take hit-and-run investigations seriously, especially if there was a fatal crash.

Many people are involved in hit-and-run accidents because they do not have a valid driver's license, are intoxicated, are undocumented immigrants, or are concerned about the consequences of hitting another person. Regardless of the justifications, nobody should leave the motorcycle accident scene without providing details to other victims. Motorcycle accidents frequently cause more serious injuries than other types of car accidents, making it even more important that people stop at the scene of the crime.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is to remain calm. If you are injured, try to call 911. If you are in danger, try to move to the side of the road. If you cannot call 911, stay as still as possible. Take the recommendation of the paramedic who comes to treat you. If they recommend that you go to the emergency room, do so. You may not feel like you are seriously injured, but you could have internal injuries or other injuries that are easy to diagnose at the scene of the accident.

Make sure that you follow all of your doctor's orders and take your prescribed medication. Attend all of your appointments with your physician and any specialist you have been referred to. Doing so will help you prove that the motorcycle accident caused your injuries and show the severity of your injuries.

As soon as you have received medical attention, you should reach out to a personal injury attorney. Hit-and-run accidents are complicated, and you need an attorney on your side to identify the at-fault driver and recover compensation. Your attorney can help gather witness statements and investigate the accident scene to look for evidence of the at-fault driver. If you can find the identity of the at-fault driver, you can pursue a claim against their insurance or against them personally. You might be able to file a lawsuit against their employer if they were on the job.

If you cannot locate the at-fault driver, you can file an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim with your insurance policy. An attorney can help you negotiate the best automatic possible from your insurance company.

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