Injured Patients Bring Claims Based On Recalled Metal-on-Metal Implants

Claimants suffering from medical complications after hip-replacement surgeries involving Stryker hip implant devices have brought lawsuits in numerous state and federal courts. Stryker’s ABG II hip system and its defective Rejuvenate system have been recalled after they were designated as unsafe for use as medical devices. The metal-on-metal components in these hip-replacement devices have caused popping sensations, infections, inflammation, serious pain, and metallosis. Metallosis is a type of metal poisoning that occurs when microscopic pieces of a device are shorn off and absorbed into a person’s body as the metal-on-metal components of a device operate.

Stryker Settles Claims in 2014 and 2018, in Discussions to Settle “Tritanium” Claims

In 2018, Stryker settled a number of lawsuits related to its LFIT V40 Femoral Head device for a confidential amount. That settlement followed a $2 billion payout the company made in 2014 to settle lawsuits related to the Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implant lawsuits. Now Stryker is engaged in discussions to resolve claims brought against it related to its Tritanium Acetabular Shells, another subject of federal mass tort litigation.

Patients Suffer a Range of Injuries Caused by Defective Hip Implants

Claimants in the various legal actions against the company have alleged that Stryker’s defective hip implants have caused patients severe pain and other complications. These complications include the release of toxic metal ions into patients’ bodies. In some cases, the metal components of Stryker’s implants have disintegrated and caused a loosening of the implants, tissue damage, and other complications.

Claimants Bring Tritanium Acetabular Shell Lawsuits Against Stryker

Many claimants who have suffered serious complications after receiving Stryker Tritanium Acetabular Shell hip implants have recently brought lawsuits against Stryker. The manufacturer intended for these devices to replace a person’s failing natural hip joint.

Hip sockets are supposed to fuse with a person’s own natural bones to encourage bone growth, but they do not always work. In some cases, hip implants loosen shortly after the implant surgery, causing pain that can only be fixed with additional surgery.

Those who are experiencing hip pain from a titanium hip device implanted in the last five years should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Hip replacement devices should last for decades, without pain or complication. If a person has had to undergo hip revision surgery due to a faulty hip implant, the person may be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, and medical bills.

Settlements Reached With Claimants in LFIT V40 Femoral Head Lawsuits

After claimants raised concerns about the device’s safety, Stryker recalled over 42,519 LFIT V40 component units in 2017. The company has also faced lawsuits over the devices, and in November 2018, it entered into a settlement agreement with some claimants. However, many lawsuits remain pending in state and federal courts across the country.

It appears that Stryker is attempting to settle as many cases as possible out of court. Therefore, if a person has suffered an injury caused by a Stryker hip implant, one should immediately seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer to represent one’s interest and maximize any recovery made.

Claimants Suffer a Range of Symptoms Due to Defective Hip Replacements

Experiencing hip pain or discomfort is common as the human being ages. Not surprisingly, hip-replacement surgeries have become common as the population of aged persons in our society has grown. Unfortunately, persons who have received hip implants containing metal-on-metal parts have suffered serious complications and injuries, including:

  • Positioning issues: When a new hip implant is not properly aligned during the surgery, it can create noise, including popping and clicking;
  • Defective hip implant: The hip implant itself is defective, causing pain and requiring another hip replacement surgery;
  • Physical exertion: Individuals who are physically active often notice the failure of a hip implant, beginning with clicking and popping sensations;
  • Physical pressure: People who are tall or heavy may exert pressure on the hip implant, which could cause popping or clicking.
Claimants Can Bring Hip-Replacement Lawsuits in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hip replacement lawsuits fall under the legal category of products liability. When a manufacturer like Stryker brings a defective product to market, the product can injure those who use it. In many cases, patients face stem failure, stem and cup loosening, or joint dislocation. If a person has undergone a hip implant procedure and is experiencing pain or other physical issues, one may have received a defective hip implant.

The best thing one can do is to contact a products liability lawyer as soon as possible. The professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC offer potential personal injury claimants free initial consultations. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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