Man Killed By His Own Dog Who Allegedly Attacked a Neighbor

At the beginning of the month, the body of a Michigan man who was killed by his dog was discovered at his property. The man had been ravaged by his dog. Upon further investigation, the dog had recently attacked another local resident before turning on its owner and killing the 68-year-old man. Animal Control deputies arrived at the residence to serve the man a court notice about the dog.

Instead, they found the man mauled to death in his cattle pasture. When deputies arrived, the dog was still actively biting him despite his being dead. Officers killed the dog on site because of aggressive behavior. The dog was a mastiff mixed breed. Although police attempted to provide medical aid, the victim died at the scene. He had injuries consistent with a dog attack.

The victim who the dog previously attacked was the neighbor of the dog's owner. He suffered extremely serious injuries from the dog attack. The dog was not seized after the first serious attack on the dog owner's neighbor. Nor was the dog taken into quarantine. This incident is the second fatal dog mauling case in this county. Previously, a pack of American Bulldog mixes mauled and killed two people, resulting in a criminal trial of the owners. The dog's owners were ordered to serve time in prison for allowing their dogs to run loose and kill the victims.

Loose Dogs Can Cause Devastating, Fatal Injuries

Sadly. This is not the only dog mauling incident that has happened this summer. A 70-year-old man in Hawaii was attacked and killed by multiple dogs in his neighborhood. Police officers were dispatched after reports of an animal bite. When they arrived, they found the victim lying unconscious on the road. A witness saw the dogs attacking the victim and called 911. he succumbed to his injuries while being transported to the hospital.

Hawaii police officers stated that his death was a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if the dog's owners had used caution. Allegedly, the dogs had previously been reported as stray animals. In 2021, three elderly victims were viciously attacked by multiple dogs in the same neighborhood.

The female victim suffered critical injuries and died from her injuries. Vicious dog attacks are more prevalent and rural communities that do not have fences on properties due to the expense of erecting safety fences. State regulations prohibit owners from tethering their dogs, which can result in dogs wandering around neighborhoods without supervision.

Local news agencies reported that the four dogs that killed the most recent victim were all pitbull or pitbull mixes. The dog's owners admitted to the police officers at the accident scene that they do not live at the residence where the dogs came from and left them unattended on the property. The victim would not have died if the dogs had been secured in kennels or fenced areas.

What to Do if You Have Been Injured in a Dog Attack

As you can see from the stories discussed above, many dog bite attacks happen when owners fail to secure their dogs. Tragically, many attacks involve dogs that have attacked victims before or displayed aggressiveness. Under North Carolina law, owners can be held financially responsible when their dangerous dogs attack victims. When dog owners fail to restrain their dogs, especially after they know their dogs are dangerous, they are liable for any injuries or deaths their dogs cause.

Knowing what to do after an attack and a dog bite accident can help you pursue a claim for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and all the other damages you have suffered. You should call 911 and request an ambulance and a police officer to come to the scene and write a report. You should also receive treatment for rabies if you may have been exposed. Contacting the local animal control facility will allow you to report the dog. Depending on where you live, the dog may be euthanized. It is important that you keep all documentation related to your medical treatment.

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