Pit Bulls Maul and Kill Baby and Toddlers in Tennessee

A Tennessee mother is fighting for her life after she tried to protect her children from their family's pit bull. In one of the most tragic cases of dog maulings, a 5-month-old and a 2-year-old were brutally mauled and killed by their family's two pit bulls. The family had owned the pit bulls for eight years and allegedly never experienced an issue with the dogs before this tragic incident occurred.

The mother of the two children was severely wounded and had scratches and bite marks all over her body, including on her face. She had tried to stop the vicious attack but could not. This case has again pushed the debate over whether pit bulls are safe enough to own as pets into the national spotlight.

Pitbulls are Responsible for a High Percentage of Injuries and Mauling

Pitbull advocacy groups claim that there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners. However, this tragic case highlights the fact that pit bulls are more likely to attack small children than other breeds. New data published in August revealed that pit bulls were the most comment attacker of children admitted to a prominent children's hospital with dog bite injuries between 2010 and 2020. The average age of the patient was five years old. Pitbulls made up 10.3% of dog bite injuries.

Additionally, the average cost of medical treatment was $3,000. In many cases, pit bulls apparently snap for an unknown reason. However, the expenses can be significantly higher when a dog mails a child. In severe cases, costs related to dog bites can exceed $1 million. Victims may need multiple surgeries, reconstructive treatment, rehabilitation, therapy, etc.

Many pit bulls that attack children do not have a history of aggressiveness and have lived with the children for a long time. Pit bulls are especially dangerous because it can be challenging to get them to stop attacking their victims. When an adult tries to intervene, as the mom in this case did, they can be seriously injured or killed, as well.

What to Do After a Dog Mauling Incident in North Carolina

After a dog bite incident, the victim should first seek medical attention as needed. If a paramedic comes to the accident scene and recommends that you go to the hospital, take their advice. If you still need to, you should visit urgent care or your family doctor as quickly as possible. At the scene of the accident, you should write down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the dog attack. Keeping records documenting any information you know about the dog is also essential. This type of documentation can include pictures of your injuries, copies of your medical bills, and photos of the accident site.

Under North Carolina law, owners are legally required to confine an animal that bites another person for ten days. Failure to do so can result in a Class 2 misdemeanor criminal charge. Additionally, the local Health director has the right to seize and confine the animal for ten days at the dog owner's expense. If the dog attack involved a dog that was already deemed dangerous, the owner might face additional criminal penalties. In North Carolina, a dangerous dog is defined as killing or inflicting serious injury on a person without provocation.

As a victim, you can pursue compensation for the medical expenses you have suffered because of the dog bite. Dog bite cases generally use the legal theory of strict liability, meaning the dog owner is automatically responsible for the dog's actions. You will likely be able to hold the dog's owner accountable as long as you can prove that they either owned or had control of the dog at the time of the incident. The owner may try to claim that you provoked the dog so they can avoid paying you compensation. Working with an attorney can help you protect your legal claim and rights.

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If you or your loved one has suffered a dog bite injury in North Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Dog bite injuries can cause significant medical expenses, pain and suffering, and potential mental health challenges. Speaking to an attorney can help you understand your legal options and the value of your claim. Reach out to Arnold & Smith, PLLC, today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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