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Founded in 1982, American Freightways is a company that provides semi-truck motor carrier services throughout Arkansas. The company is publicly held and has been recognized as a leader in US carrier companies. American Freightways is among the leading providers of LTL (less than truckload) freight services in the United States. They are among the most reliable semi-truck services available in the southeast. Many Alabama companies use American Freightways semi-trucks to transport their goods throughout the country.

Services Provided by American Freightways

American Freightways provides several different services, including full truck loads. They also provide sprinter van services that cover smaller types of loads that can be moved more quickly. The company also provides heavy haul services to help transport heavy machinery across the country. The company provides services throughout the United States, but they are especially popular in Arkansas and the southeast. They are one of the top full-service freight shipping companies in the United States and try to offer total business logistics solutions.

What to Do After an American Freightways Accident

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), American Freightway drivers were involved in 889 car accidents between March 2017 and March 2019. During that time, American Freightway drivers drove under the name of FedEx Freight. In all of these accidents, 260 involved at least one injury and 26 involved at least one death. The remaining accidents involve property damage but no injuries. This agency also reported that the company had the following types of violations:

  • 759 unsafe driving violations
  • 70 hours of service violation
  • 1,645 maintenance violations
  • 1 drug and/or alcohol violation
  • 31 driver fitness violations
Common Causes of American Freightways Accidents

Regardless of which trucking company driver is involved in a truck accident, many of the causes of truck accidents are the same across companies. Most of the violations made by American Freightway drivers included speeding, distracted driving, driving while fatigued, and issues with brake systems. Common causes of truck accidents with semi-truck and tractor-trailers include the following:

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers who make phone calls, eat, daydream, play with the radio, text, or act negligently in another way put other drivers at risk. It only takes a few seconds for a truck driver to drive the length of a football field. When driving such a large vehicle, they must pay attention to the road and carefully use their rearview mirrors to avoid colliding with another vehicle in their blind spots.

Fatigued Drivers

Truck drivers must keep “hours of service” to comply with federal law. However, many truck drivers are paid by the mile or only paid when they complete a job. They feel pressure to complete their trips as quickly as possible so they can get paid. As a result, some truck drivers may break the rules intended to keep everyone on the road safe. Drivers can quickly become fatigued when they do not take their mandatory breaks and sleep in between jobs. Fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving and result in dangerous accidents.

Maintenance Issues

Truck drivers must keep their semi-trucks adequately inspected and maintained. When trucking companies fail to require their drivers to log maintenance and take their trucks in for scheduled maintenance repairs, they can be liable for injuries. Suppose a truck driver notices something wrong with the brakes on his or her semi-truck. Instead of taking their truck into a mechanic, they decide to go forward and complete the job so they can get paid. The brakes stop working, and the truck driver collides with a passenger vehicle, causing his death. In that case, the family could bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and possibly the trucking company.

Improper Loading

Another common cause of truck accidents involved improper loading of cargo. When cargo is not loaded into the semi-truck properly, it can move around, making it more likely for the truck to roll over or for the driver not to control the truck properly.

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