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New Penn Motor Express was founded in 1931 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. New Penn is committed to providing next-day, day-definite, and time-definite Regional LTL services. Working with their sister trucking companies, Reddaway and Holland, New Penn Provides one-step freight service throughout the midwestern, Western, and Southeastern parts of the United States. The company prides itself on providing customers with next-day delivery on more than 95% of their shipments. They also offer reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness.

Pursuing Compensation After a Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a truck accident involving New Penn Motor Express, you may be wondering what steps you should take. Seriously injured truck accident victims face mounting medical bills and may not return to work, causing extreme financial hardship. There are two key ways to pursue compensation if you have been injured in a truck accident. First, you can pursue compensation through an insurance claim with the at-fault driver's insurance policy. Second, you can pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

We recommend discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer before you talk to a claims adjuster or anyone else except the police officer at the scene. Doing so will help you protect your right to compensation, as insurance companies will try every method possible to deny paying you the damages you deserve. Your lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company and work with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to determine the cause of the truck accident. We will discuss some of the parties commonly at fault for commercial truck accidents below.

Holding the Truck Driver Liable

Many commercial truck accidents are caused by the truck driver’s negligence or recklessness. In some cases, the truck driver simply drives negligently, such as making an improper lane change or running a stop sign. In other cases, the truck driver may engage in reckless behavior that causes the truck accident, such as the following:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating by following the vehicle in front to closely
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or stimulants
Holding the Trucking Company Liable

Trucking companies are responsible for their employee’s behavior on the road. They are responsible for the truck drivers, the truck itself, and the equipment. Depending on the facts in the case, you may be able to hold the trucking company that employed the negligent driver responsible for your injuries. The trucking company may be liable for any of the following situations:

  • Discrepancies in a truck driver's licensing
  • Discrepancies in a truck drivers training
  • Failure to properly give instructions
  • Pressuring a truck driver to drive too long or too fast to make a deadline
  • Cutting corners on maintenance or inspections of the truck to save money
Truck Accidents Caused By Vehicle Failure

Other truck accidents are caused by vehicle failure. Trucking companies and drivers must keep their commercial vehicles in top condition. Commercial trucks can fail on the road due to drivers in trucking companies ignoring the truck’s maintenance needs. Additionally, faulty manufacturing of systems and parts can cause truck accidents. Failure of the following truck parts most often cause devastating accidents:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Power trains
  • Wheels
  • Coupling systems
  • Lighting

Choosing to take a truck off the road to receive the required maintenance cut into a trucking company's revenue. Many owners send trucks out when they are not safe to drive to increase their profit margin. If the truck parts and systems that caused the truck accident were faulty from the start, the victim might be able to hold the manufacturer financially accountable for his or her damages. However, if the equipment failure was due to lack of maintenance, the victim can hold the trucking company liable.

Negligence Related to a Truck’s Cargo

Many truck drivers do not load their cargo themselves. Instead, they will pull into a service station, and other employees will load the cargo. When cargo is improperly loaded into a semi-truck, any shift in the cargo can cause the truck to crash or even roll over and jackknife. Additionally, cargo spills can cause truck accidents and damage other vehicles on the road.

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