Poorly Maintained Truck Accident Lawsuit in Charlotte

There are many hazards associated with large trucks that are poorly maintained. Poorly maintained vehicles can cause devastating truck accidents that result in severe injuries and death. Pedestrians and passenger vehicle drivers face danger when a truck cannot stop because of a brake failure, for example. Victims of truck accidents have a right to bring a lawsuit against the person or company whose negligence caused their injuries. For example, if a truck driver failed to maintain the brakes on his truck correctly, and brake failure caused an accident, the victim who became injured can sue the truck driver. The driver may not be the only liable party, however.

Examples of Truck Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance

Over time, truck parts suffer from wear and tear or outright unexpected damage. Failure to fix problems and instead leaving a truck in service on the road presents many untold dangers. Suppose the wheels and tires on a semi-truck fell into poor condition due to neglect. The semi-truck owner knows that the wheels and tires need to be replaced but does not want to spend the money to do so. While the truck is traveling at high speeds, one of the wheels falls off and slams into the windshield of a small passenger vehicle. The driver and passenger in the front seat can die as a result of such a severe crash. In this scenario, the victim’s family members would have a right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company’s owner and possibly the driver, as well.

In the aftermath of these devastating truck accidents, suppose an investigation revealed the trucking company and driver knew about the problem and did nothing about it. In this case, the victim’s family members would have evidence that the truck owner and driver failed to act reasonably under the circumstances. In other words, they acted negligently. They would also prove that the truck driver and owner’s negligence directly caused the truck accident that resulted in their loved one’s death. The family members could seek an insurance settlement with the commercial truck driver’s insurance policy.

Wheels and tires are not the only components of large semi-trucks that can cause serious injuries. They are not the only things capable of being neglected, either. Brakes, steering wheels, and virtually every part of a truck can break and need replacement. Trucking companies have a legal responsibility to periodically inspect their vehicles, conduct regular maintenance, and fix any dangerous conditions on their vehicles. When they fail to do so, they expose themselves to liability if victims are injured in accidents.

Brake Failure

When a truck driver cannot slow the truck down or stop efficiently because of a brake problem, it can lead to disaster. All vehicles need their brakes to be regularly maintained. However, truck brakes are crucial. Truck drivers must have their trucks regularly inspected by specialists for wear-and-tear. Deterioration of any part of a commercial truck’s braking system could cause a devastating and fatal accident.

Tire Blowouts

Many people do not realize that tire maintenance is a crucial aspect of road safety. Anytime a truck driver starts driving with old, damaged, or unevenly worn tires, they risk having a tire blowout. Tire blowouts can lead to losing control of the truck, especially when it happens on the freeway at very high speeds. Many truck tire blowouts are caused by a failure to inspect and maintain the tires on the truck. In a tire blowout accident, the tire could come off the truck and collide with a passenger vehicle. It can also cause the semi-truck to jackknife and swerve, colliding with vehicles in several traffic lanes. In these types of devastating accidents, it is common for one or more vehicles to catch on fire, and for crash victims to die in the fire.

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