How an Attorney Can Help You Obtain Compensation After a Truck Accident TBI

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most devastating injuries caused by truck accidents. These types of injuries can occur anytime there is a sudden trauma to the head. The trauma may involve an object striking or penetrating a person’s skull, resulting in physical damage to the skull or brain. In other cases, traumatic brain injuries are caused when the head shakes violently or strikes an object.

How Do Truck Accidents Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries?

There are various ways a traumatic brain injury can happen in a truck accident. A person's head may hit the dashboard, the airbag or a piece of debris or glass could strike their head. Depending on the damage and force, the severity of the traumatic brain injury will vary. Injuries can range from slight swelling and bruising that doesn't cause any long-term effects to severe damage that can cause skull fractures, brain herniation, and even death. Pictures of severe traumatic brain injuries often require long-term medical care that can cost millions of dollars over a person's life.

Determining the Value of Your TBI Case

Arnold & Smith, PLLC Has the resources necessary to investigate your claim and gather evidence on your behalf thoroughly. After we discuss your case with you, we will start thoroughly assessing your damages so we can know how much money to demand. Knowing the value of your case is a crucial aspect of your case. We will carefully consider all of the medical expenses you will incur for the rest of your life.

We understand that traumatic brain injuries are complex, and there are no two traumatic brain injuries that are alike. Every patient will have unique symptoms, and their traumatic brain injury will affect them in different ways. We often work with financial experts who can help us determine an accurate representation of the expenses and pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your truck accident injuries.

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney

Cases that involve severe traumatic brain injuries can be extraordinarily complex. They usually involve multiple companies that were involved in transporting the load. There may be multiple defendants, including the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, the truck’s manufacturer, or the truck’s mechanic. When the accident was caused by a defective vehicle, the victim may have a right to bring a lawsuit against the truck manufacturer or the manufacturer of the part or parts that caused the accident.

Working with an attorney with extensive experience determining who is at fault and truck accidents will increase your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys focus on communication and will keep you abreast of all of the developments in your case. We will also help you understand all of your options and the pros and cons of each option so you can make the best decisions possible.

One of the primary reasons to hire an attorney who has experience representing clients in trucking accidents is the complexity of these types of cases. These cases will often involve an extensive investigation. You need an attorney who can handle all the details and evidence in this case and negotiate strongly with the trucking company or insurance company. There are usually many moving parts and a trucking accident lawsuit. The attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies, communicating with multiple defendants, and aggressively advocating for clients who have been injured and trucking accidents.

Contact an Experienced TBI Attorney Today

Over the years, the truck accident attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, have used their skills and resources to assist clients throughout North Carolina obtain compensation after being injured in a truck accident. We have represented many clients who have been injured and truck accidents and understand the type of devastating injuries that can occur in these types of accidents. Our team will immediately take action in your case when you come to our personal injury law firm and work with us to pursue compensation for you after a tractor-trailer accident.

If your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident in North Carolina, Arnold & Smith, PLLC is here to help. Our truck accident attorneys have a proven track record of success in obtaining compensation for our clients. We understand how serious traumatic brain injuries are and will advocate for you to obtain the total amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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