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Old Dominion Freight Line was started in Virginia in 1934 as a single truck running company. Over the last 80 plus years, old dominion has become a national LTL great leader and a global transportation company. Old Dominion currently operates 248 service centers and owns approximately 41000 tractors and trailers with over 20,000 employees. During World War II, the company increased business travel between Richmond, Virginia, and Norfolk, Virginia.

Throughout the 1970s, they extended their coverage in the south by acquiring Deaton Trucking, Star Transport, Nilson Motor Express, and Barnes Truck Line. They serve customers across the country throughout Chicago, California, Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina. With annual gross revenue of $3.3 billion, they are one of the country’s largest trucking and freight companies.

Common Causes of Old Dominion Truck Accidents

With such a significant presence around the country, it is understandable that truck accidents involving Old Dominion truck drivers occur every year. Old Dominion has a substantial presence in the South, including in North Carolina. Unfortunately, most truck accidents, as with other types of auto accidents, involve driver negligence. Driver negligence occurs when a driver fails to use reasonable care under the circumstances. We will discuss some of the most common causes of truck accidents below.

Aggressive Behavior

Truck drivers are under significant stress to meet their deadlines. Out of frustration, they may become aggressive when driving to get to their destination more quickly. Operating a vehicle aggressively is always dangerous, but it is hazardous when a driver is operating a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle. Making aggressive lane changes, speeding, or cutting off other drivers can cause devastating truck accidents that result in severe injuries and even death.

Distracted Driving

Most large semi-trucks come with a significant array of technology in them, such as GPS devices. Truck drivers should avoid using any type of electronic equipment while driving. Talking on a mobile device, sending emails or text messages, or watching videos while driving are all things that could lead to dangerous accidents. Truck drivers may try to eat meals while driving, making it more likely that they will be involved in an accident. In other cases, truck drivers simply stop focusing on the road ahead of them, becoming distracted by their thoughts.

Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Despite many different campaigns to inform the public about the dangers of drunk driving, some drivers continue to drive while intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated limits driver response time and increases the likelihood of careless driving. Indeed, driving a large semi-truck while intoxicated is akin to driving a dangerous weapon on the road. It only takes one mistake to cause a multi-vehicle pileup that can cause devastating injuries or death.

Alcohol is not the only substance that can make driving a semi-truck dangerous. Many recent reports demonstrate how common it is for truck drivers to use uppers to give them more energy while they are on the road. Taking any type of illegal substance increases the chance that an accident will occur. Whether the truck driver was taking uppers, other drugs, or drinking alcohol, this reckless behavior could create a dangerous and even life-threatening scenario.

Driving While Drowsy

Truck drivers have tight deadlines they must meet. An unexpected road delay could cause them to get off track. Even though Federal Law requires truck drivers to take a certain amount of brakes while driving to protect themselves, many drivers disregard these laws. They may lie about taking breaks they never took in their log. As a result, they drive their large commercial vehicles while drowsy. Fatigue and drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol. The truck driver may end up falling asleep at the wheel and running into another passenger vehicle. Additionally, drivers also cannot make safe decisions when they are extremely fatigued.

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