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A truck driver can lose control of a large vehicle that has a tire blowout. When the truck is going at interstate speed, the drag caused by losing a tire can cause the truck to swerve out of control into other traffic lanes or jackknife. Separated tire treads or worn-out tires may cause tire blowouts on semi-trucks. Improperly inflated tires and defective tires can also cause truck blowout accidents. Commercial truck drivers have a legal obligation to inspect their truck tires daily.

Trucking companies must ensure that their trucks are adequately maintained and in safe operating conditions. When truck drivers fail to inspect their tires, dangerous accidents can result in serious injuries or loss of life. When trucking companies choose to save some money by not replacing worn-out tires, they are putting the lives of everyone else on the road in jeopardy.

What Happens in a Truck Tire Blowout Accident?

In a tire blowout accident, there is a rapid loss of air pressure in one or more of the truck's tires. The tires on a semi-truck take a regular beating due to high road temperatures, speed, and the weight of the heavy truck. When the tire is under-inflated, over-inflated, defective, or worn, the tire may rupture. Some tire blowouts are explosive, with the heat of the tire suddenly causing it to shred completely.

When large semi-trucks haul cargo, they depend on the load to be balanced for stability. A tire blowout can cause the cargo inside the trailer to shift suddenly. This shift can alter the truck’s center of gravity and cause it to roll over. If cargo begins spilling from the truck, it can cause multi-vehicle collisions. Drivers behind the truck can collide with the cargo, causing deadly injuries. A tire blowout can also cause the tractor-trailer’s cab and trailer to skid toward each other, which is known as jackknifing. When the truck is on the highway, the jackknife can cause other passenger vehicles to collide with the truck. Tire blowout accidents can cause significant damage to multiple vehicles.

Common Causes of Truck Tire Blowout Accidents

Anytime the tire’s structure becomes too overwhelmed for the tire to keep its integrity or the tire’s pressure is improper, a tire blowout can occur. Air pressure increases with heat. When a truck has been driving for a long time, the friction on the tire causes it to heat up. Additionally, if the driver is driving on a hot surface during the heat of the day, the tire can become more worn down and vulnerable to a blowout. Truck drivers should always check that their tire pressure is safe. An over-inflated tire puts too much pressure on the walls of the tire. An under-inflated tire cannot support the truck’s weight, causing parts of the tire to sag.

Overloaded trucks and trailers can also put too much pressure on the tire, causing it to deflate. The driver may put more air in the tires to compensate. However, instead of strengthening the tires, this puts more pressure on the tire, making them more likely to blow out. In some cases, the tires themselves are flawed. The truck tires may be dangerous from the start. Every year, thousands of tires are recalled because they may lead to blowouts.

How Our Attorneys Prove Tire Blowout Victims

Trucking companies are quick to respond to accidents and do everything possible to avoid paying compensation to victims. In some cases, a trucking company may even try to hide evidence by moving the wrecked truck out of state, making it harder for the victim’s investigators to examine the vehicle. Hiring a skilled truck accident attorney as soon as possible who will help you thoroughly investigate your case and give you the best chance of obtaining compensation.

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