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A devastating Greyhound bus accident occurred in Texas in March of 2021. The accident involved a Greyhound bus and a Ford Mustang; the Mustang driver was going west in the eastbound lanes and collided head-on into the Greyhound bus. The Mustang driver died at the scene of the accident. Three passengers on the bus were taken to the hospital and experienced life-threatening injuries.

This accident is only one of many Greyhound accidents that put passengers’ lives in jeopardy. The Greyhound company is currently the largest bus transportation company in North America. Even though other bus companies provide the same services, Greyhound is the leader in the industry due to its significant name recognition and because they have been in the industry the longest. Many people choose to ride Greyhound buses because of the cheap motor coach fare. Unfortunately, many fatal roadway accidents involve Greyhound buses.

Greyhound Bus Accident Causes

Greyhound bus accidents are hazardous because many passengers in the bus are not wearing seat belts. As with large vehicles and 15-passenger vans, the center of gravity on the Greyhound bus is high and could contribute to the Greyhound bus rolling over in an accident, causing more injuries. Some of the most common causes of Greyhound bus injuries include the following:

Poorly Maintained Greyhound Buses

When companies cut corners regarding their bus maintenance, safety concerns can arise. Greyhound bus owners have a duty to inspect and maintain their buses regularly for safety concerns. There is an elevated risk that the bus’s critical components will fail, causing the bus driver to lose control of the bus and be unable to swerve out of the way to avoid a collision.

Defective Mechanical Equipment

Defective mechanical equipment can also cause fatal Greyhound bus accidents. It only takes one defective device to cause a devastating accident. For example, suppose one component of the braking system is defective and should be replaced, and the company does not replace it. In that case, the driver could be unable to brake and swerve into multiple passenger vehicles. Defective equipment could be due to a lack of proper maintenance or could be due to the manufacturer negligently manufacturing a dangerous product. 

Product liability cases are even more complex than other types of personal injury lawsuits. If you suspect that the Greyhound bus had mechanical defects or faulty parts, you need an experienced product liability lawyer on your side. We will carefully investigate the accident and work with experts who can determine what mechanical equipment was defective and who can bring a lawsuit against the liable party.

Fatigued or Distracted Drivers

As with truck drivers, Greyhound bus drivers drive for long periods of time. Even though federal regulation requires Greyhound drivers to stop frequently to get rest, drivers may ignore these regulations and violate them. Sometimes commercial drivers are forced to get less rest in-between shifts or to work longer shifts so their employer can make more profit. Driving while fatigued can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. When Greyhound drivers choose to get in the driver's seat even though they know they are tired, they act negligently and should be held accountable for the accident and injuries they cause.

Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted is tempting, even for commercial bus drivers. It can be even more tempting for Greyhound drivers who are forced to be in the driver’s seat for an extended amount of time. Distractions from texting, watching videos or talking on the phone while driving can decrease the Greyhound driver's reaction time. Driver distraction makes it more difficult for Greyhound drivers to prevent collisions. Because Greyhound vehicles are so large, drivers need additional time to react to prevent an accident.

When a greyhound driver is checking a text message, he or she could travel the entire length of a football field. If you suspect that your Greyhound driver’s inattention and distracted driving caused your accident or contributed to it, you may be entitled to compensation from the Greyhound company. Greyhound drivers owe their passengers a duty to act reasonably under the circumstances, and engaging in texting, driving while fatigued, or driving while intoxicated breaches that duty.

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