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Operating a large semi-truck is always dangerous. Backing up and other hazardous maneuvers can be complicated, even for experienced truck drivers. When a truck driver is backing up, their visibility is restricted, and the truck driver only has a limited range of motion to operate the truck and trailer. Backing up truck accidents can involve trailers, platforms, poles, other vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists.

Truck Drivers Must Use Reasonable Care When Backing Up

When truck drivers are attempting to back into or out of a space, they must be aware of their surroundings. Truck drivers have to obtain commercial driver's licenses and undergo training to help them operate such large vehicles. As with all other drivers, truck drivers must operate their trucks reasonably under the circumstances. This means truck drivers need to handle their blind spots effectively.

Whenever possible, truck drivers should ask another person to act as their spotter to help guide them through their maneuvers and alert them if they are about to collide with another object. Truck drivers must use reasonable care when backing into spaces and take the following steps to protect themselves and others on the road:

  • Be aware of the truck’s blind spots and adjust to them before backing into or out of a space. Know where visibility will be restricted to avoid a situation that will be dangerous to others.
  • Whenever possible, avoid backing up without guidance. When a truck driver knows they cannot detect people or vehicles that are entering the truck’s path, the driver should wait until a spotter can come and provide guidance.
  • When parking a large truck, the driver should consider the path that could be taken to exit the space before parking. This way, the driver can ensure that they can back the truck out safely.
  • Truck drivers should perform a complete walk-around of the truck and trailer before backing out to determine the amount of space available. The driver should decide if there are vehicles or people behind the semi-truck. If the truck driver needs to drive a considerable distance before parking, they may need to engage in additional workarounds to ensure the situation has not changed.
  • The truck driver should minimize the amount of turning they will need to do in reverse by placing the truck into position while moving forward. It is easier for truck drivers to line up for a docking maneuver when the truck is moving forward rather than backward.
  • The truck driver should adjust the mirrors so that they offer the most visibility possible and can utilize them while backing out or cornering.
  • The truck driver should use flashers, a horn, and a backup alarm to keep pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers aware that they are trying to back up. These warning signs can prevent people or vehicles from entering the path of the truck and colliding with the truck.
  • Truck drivers should not rush backing up into a space, and they should use the lowest gear or back up while idle.
Common Causes of Backing-Up Truck Accidents

There are many common causes of backing up truck accidents. As is the case with other types of accidents, driver distraction remains one of the most serious causes. Truck drivers often drive for long periods, making them more prone to tiredness or distracting use of cell phones, text messaging, GPS units, and other technology.

The lack of a spotter is another type of negligence that results in backing up truck accidents. Whenever a spotter is available, the truck driver should take the time to request assistance. When a spotter is not available, the truck driver should use the walk-around method to prevent accidents. Failure to correctly judge the distance between the truck and the destination or inability to use the mirrors can also contribute to truck accidents.

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