Paralysis Caused by Truck Accidents

Becoming paralyzed due to a truck accident in the greater Charlotte area can be devastating and change your life forever. Depending on where your spinal cord injury is and what areas of your body are affected, your ability to care for your basic needs and mobility may be significantly limited. Additionally, you may be suffering several other complications associated with paralysis. If a driver's negligence caused the truck accident that resulted in your injuries, you might be entitled to compensation with a personal injury lawsuit.

Complications Associated with Paralysis

The sudden blow caused by a truck accident can cause a person's spinal cord to become injured. The truck accident may cause damage to the spinal cord and nerves, which are responsible for interpreting brain signals and sending them back and forth through the body. Paralysis can affect only one side of the body, the arms, hands, trunk, legs, and limbs, as well as the pelvic organs. When a person experiences complete paralysis, all motor control and sensations are lost in body parts below the injury site. With incomplete paralysis, a person retains some feeling and mobility.

Circulation Complications

Being paralyzed often results in circulation problems that can be dangerous. Low blood pressure, swelling of the limbs, and blood clots are all dangerous aspects of this condition. Pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis could result. Individuals who have been paralyzed are at higher risk of autonomic hyperreflexia, which can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure and the possibility of a stroke. All of these medical conditions can be life-threatening if a medical team is not managing them properly.

Bladder and Bowel Control

Depending on the location of the spinal cord injury, a person may experience a loss of bladder and bowel control. When someone is paralyzed, their brain may not be able to control their bladder. The brain may not receive signals that a person needs to use the restroom, increasing the risk of a dangerous urinary tract infection, kidney infection, and bladder or kidney stones. Bowel control is also an issue that can cause complications such as accidents and constipation.

Respiratory Complications

Paralysis can make it challenging or nearly impossible for someone to breathe on their own or cough. People who cannot cough and breathe regularly can develop respiratory infections, including pneumonia and other serious lung problems.

Chronic Pain

Many people do not realize that paralyzed victims can still suffer chronic pain. Even though they may not feel sensations like others do throughout their body, they can still feel a burning or tingling sensation. Truck accident victims often suffer from chronic pain due to joint or nerve damage or overuse of a muscle. An individual may need long-term treatment, such as physical therapy and medication, to manage the debilitating pain.


Being paralyzed puts a person at risk of sepsis, a life-threatening medical condition that occurs when a person's body reacts to an infection by injuring the tissues and organs. Sepsis can result in shock, organ failure, and death. When a truck accident victim becomes paralyzed, they may be in danger of developing sepsis from a medical condition that is relatively easy to treat, such as a urinary tract infection, pneumonia, or other infection that is not treated correctly. Diagnosing infections can be difficult in patients with paralysis because of their altered state of feeling pain. Infections may go unnoticed even with the best medical care, putting the patient at risk of stop-sets.

Determining the Value of Your Case

If you have been paralyzed in a truck accident, working with an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial. The first step in the process will be to evaluate your injuries and determine how much your case is worth. Doing so will require considering all the symptoms, medical treatment, and ongoing issues you will experience due to your process. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, our team of personal injury attorneys have the resources and experience needed to work with experts who will help determine the total value of your claim.

Contact a Charlotte Truck Accident Attorney

The cost of managing paralysis over a person's lifetime has skyrocketed in recent years. In addition to needing ongoing medical care, victims of truck accidents become paralyzed and experience a wide range of challenging symptoms in pain. If you have been paralyzed in a truck accident, we recommend discussing your case with one of the experienced attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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