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Forward Air is a freight and shipping company that provides expedited service shipping throughout North America. They serve the wholesale shipping community in need of ground transportation solutions and integrate air cargo carriers, logistics companies, and non-traditional shippers.

Forward Air markets itself as a single-source provider offering various supply chain services for expedited LTL markets and air freight. Forward Air has over 90 facilities located near US and Canadian airports, 12 regional centers, and over 300 beyond points. As a result, they have one of the most comprehensive shipping services in the industry and North America.

Truck Accidents Involving Forward Air

If your loved one has been injured in a truck accident involving Forward Air, you may wonder what steps you need to take. With such a significant presence in the North American Trucking industry, Forward Air drivers are involved in accidents throughout the country. One of the most important things you can do is call 911 after being involved in a truck accident. Follow the direction of the paramedics. If they suggest you go to the emergency room for treatment, do so. If not, we recommend going to your doctor for a full evaluation.

In many cases, truck accident victims may not feel all of the symptoms from their injuries immediately after the accident. It can take hours or days for the shock to wear off and for the pain to begin. For that reason, we recommend keeping a journal about all of your symptoms. Communicate your symptoms with your doctor so your doctor can diagnose you properly and you can receive the best treatment possible. Seeking out medical help and following your doctor's orders will help your legal claim for compensation.

Insurance companies and defendants may try to claim that you have a pre-existing condition to deny paying you compensation. Seeking treatment quickly and following your doctor's orders can show that the truck accident caused your injuries and that your injuries are as severe as you claim. You should also write down how your injuries are affecting your day-to-day life and if they prevent you from being involved in any activities you once loved. Be sure to write down all the days you have had to miss work due to your injuries because you can see compensation for your lost wages.

Can I Sue Forward Air?

If a Forward Air truck driver has injured you, you may be wondering whether you can sue the trucking company directly. The answer depends on several different factors. Under North Carolina law, victims of truck accidents have a right to bring a lawsuit against the person or company whose negligence caused their injuries. However, suing a trucking company depends on whether the driver was an employer or an independent contractor.

Some truck drivers are employees of the trucking company for whom they are working at the time of the accident. In that case, the victim may sue the trucking company for negligent hiring of the employee. For example, suppose the truck driver had a DUI conviction on his record before the truck company hired him. The trucking company failed to run a basic background check on the employee, showing them his DUI conviction. The driver was intoxicated when he caused an accident while working for the company. In this case, the victims could bring a lawsuit against the trucking company for negligent hiring an employee with a history of driving while intoxicated.

Negligent Maintenance Claims

Faulty brakes or other mechanical problems cause many truck accidents. Trucking companies have a duty to ensure their trucks are regularly inspected and have adequate maintenance to keep them safe. Our lawyers will investigate the causes of your accident and determine whether the tires work effectively, unevenly worn, or retread. We will also examine the hitches, axles, brakes, and various other parts and see whether they were checked and maintained routinely. Finally, we will look into the maintenance log records to determine whether they were complete or incomplete under federal and state law.

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