Speeding Car Accident Statistics in North Carolina

According to the Traffic Safety Council, speeding was a significant factor in 26% of all traffic deaths in 2018. That year, accidents involving speeding caused 9,378 deaths, or an average of 25 people each day. A motor vehicle collision is considered to be related to speeding when the at-fault driver was charged with a speeding-related crime, such as if the driver exceeds the posted speed limit, drove too fast for the conditions, or was racing when the car accident occurred. Even though the total number of annual speeding-related deaths has decreased, speeding remains a prevailing cause of car accidents.

North Carolina Speeding Statistics

Even the most careful and safe driver can become injured by a speeding motorist in North Carolina. When people speed, their actions show they have no regard for North Carolina laws or other people's safety. Speeding typically contributes to more car accidents than distracted driving and driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol combined. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, speeding is a significant factor in many car accidents every year, specifically:

  • Over one-third of all car accidents in North Carolina are related to speeding each year;
  • Over 89,000 car accidents were caused by a driver driving too fast for the conditions;
  • Over 36% of all car accident injuries were related to speeding;
  • Speeding is responsible for over half of teen car accident fatalities and 23% of injuries caused by teen car accidents.
What to Do After a Car Accident Caused by Speeding

If you have been injured in a car accident involving speeding, it is crucial that you received the medical attention you need right away. Call 911 and ask for a police officer and paramedics to come to the scene of the accident. If the paramedics suggested you go to the hospital, follow their advice. It is important that you begin collecting evidence of the medical treatment you are receiving.

You will need to prove that the car accident caused your injuries and prove your injuries’ severity to recover the full compensation you need. Make sure that you attend all of your medical appointments and follow your doctor's orders. Doing so will help you prove that you take your medical condition seriously and you are entitled to compensation. In addition to receiving medical treatment, we recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your car accident.

How Our Law Firm Investigates Speeding Accidents

Proving liability in a speeding car accident can be challenging. You will need to prove that the other driver was negligent or reckless to recover compensation for your injuries. At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, our legal team has the experience and resources needed to investigate your car accident thoroughly. We will conduct an in-depth investigation and gather evidence that can help you win an insurance settlement or in a personal injury lawsuit. Our team can collect the following types of evidence on your behalf:

  • The police report which may name the speeding driver as the at-fault party
  • Speeding tickets issued by law enforcement after the car accident
  • Statements from witnesses that may indicate that the other driver was speeding when the collision occurred
  • Statements that the speeding driver gave to police officers or others in which the driver admitted to speeding and causing the car accident
  • Testimony from expert accident reconstruction professionals who will analyze the tire marks, and other evidence, to determine the cause of the collision
  • Footage from surveillance cameras are traffic cameras that may have captured the driver speeding and the subsequent collision
  • Data from the vehicles black box or data recorder
  • Photos of the crash scene including skidmarks, damage to other vehicles, and any other relevant physical evidence

Conducting a thorough investigation is the first step in building a strong personal injury lawsuit after a speeding collision. Our attorneys will gather evidence that shows the severity of your injuries and how your injuries have negatively impacted your life. We have a team of experts that we regularly work with to determine a fair settlement amount. You should ensure that your settlement amount encompasses all of your past and future expenses.

Contact a Charlotte Speeding Accident Lawyer Today

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