Recovering Compensation After a Road Rage Car Accident in Charlotte

A man recently died in a car accident that may have involved road rage. A driver of an Oldsmobile was driving when the driver of a Dodge Ram truck swerved in front of him, causing him to slam on the brakes. The Oldsmobile driver swerved to avoid the collision, driving into oncoming traffic. Another driver slammed into the Oldsmobile’s side, causing the man’s death. Three other people were rushed to the hospital after the incident. Law enforcement is investigating whether the Dodge Ram driver was speeding and driving recklessly due to road rage. Thousands of road rage accidents happen every day in the United States, causing preventable deaths and serious injuries.

Road Rage is Common in Charlotte

Many of us have witnessed first-hand or through the numerous videos online of a driver engaged in road rage. A driver may lose their temper and take it out on other drivers on the road. Road rage drivers may honk aggressively, tailgate, or use aggressive maneuvers to cut off other drivers or try to intimidate them. Being on the receiving end of road rage can be scary and disorienting, but it is also extremely dangerous. You may not be able to stop in time to prevent a multi-vehicle collision. As in the case mentioned above, people often try to swerve out of the way to avoid colliding with a driver engaged in road rage. While this is a natural response, it may cause a multiple-vehicle pile-up.

Why is Road Rage So Dangerous?

When an aggressive driver tries to take out their anger on innocent people, they are using a heavy, dangerous vehicle to do so. Aggression, a lack of control, and compromised judgment can have serious consequences. Road rage causes accidents when vehicles collide due to drivers becoming distracted while looking at the reckless driver. Or the aggressive driver may directly bump into another vehicle, causing a dangerous collision. In other cases, drivers cause a collision when they run another driver off the road.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 80% of all drivers on the road admitted to expressing aggression when driving at least once in the last 30 days. Regardless of why a driver is engaged in aggressive driving, there is no excuse for putting other drivers and passengers in danger. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are multiple common road rage causes, including the following:

  • Limited time, the driver is running late for work or an appointment
  • Traffic congestion and delays
  • A sense of anonymity, making drivers feel like they can break traffic laws
  • Disregard for other drivers and the law
  • Habitual road rage behavior
Common Types of Road Rage

Road rage can occur in several different ways, and sometimes it can occur in more ways than one. A few types of aggressive driving practices that are commonly recognized include the following:

  • Angry verbal expressions: Verbal road rage often includes cursing, yelling, or saying obscene or rude things to other drivers. The reckless driver may roll down their window and scream at someone to intimidate or threaten them.
  • Physical gestures or acts: Drivers who engage in road rage may take physical actions directed at other motorists. These actions include making obscene or angry gestures, getting out of the vehicle to try to start a confrontation, or slamming the steering wheel.
  • Unsafe driving maneuvers: Any action that a driver takes that is considered to be purposely unsafe can be categorized as road rage. These types of activities include blocking a vehicle from changing lanes, tailgating, bumping into another vehicle, sideswiping a vehicle, throwing objects, cutting off another driver intentionally, or forcing a driver off the road.
  • Tactics to distract, irritate, or intimidate other drivers: Reckless drivers who are engaging in road rage often use various tactics to intimidate or irritate other drivers on purpose. They may rev their engine, flash their lights, or honk their car horn erratically in an attempt to intimidate and annoy other drivers.
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