Laceration Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Many car accident victims suffer lacerations or cuts to their skin. Lacerations can be on the surface of the skin or go much deeper. Deep lacerations can result in thick scarring, which can be psychologically damaging. Serious lacerations may make it hard for victims to move their joints without pain. When car accident victims experience severe lacerations, they often require extensive medical treatment ranging from plastic surgery to treatment for ligament and nerve damage. Some car accident victims lose significant blood due to the laceration. They can also require blood transfusions and skin grafting to allow the wound to heal correctly.

Causes of Car Accident Lacerations

There are various ways a car accident victim can experience lacerations. Broken glass from the windshield or windows can penetrate a victim's skin, causing significant lacerations. When a motor vehicle becomes crushed, the vehicle’s broken or bent metal frame can penetrate the skin. In other cases, blunt trauma from flying into the car or an external object crashing into the victim can cause lacerations.

The blunt force trauma of a car accident can cause a victim’s skin to tear easily. When a major artery becomes torn in aortic dissection, the victim can suffer severe bleeding. When the bleeding is not stopped in time, the car accident victim may be in danger of dying from blood loss. Lacerations can also be caused by motorcycle accidents when a rider becomes thrown off the motorcycle. The crash-landing into the asphalt can cause superficial and deep lacerations that require medical treatment.

Types of Lacerations Suffered in Car Accidents

Our skin is made of three different layers, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis. When a laceration caused by a car accident only damages the outside layer or epidermis, the victim will typically recover quickly. These types of lacerations are considered superficial because they only affect the skin and do not penetrate the victim's blood vessels. On the contrary, a deep laceration affects all three layers of skin.

A clean laceration is one in which no dirt or other type of contaminant is present. Clean lacerations are rare in car accidents because there is usually a lot of debris involved at the accident scene. Complicated lacerations are those that affect the victim's underlying tissue, such as their nerves, organs, muscles, and tendons. These lacerations are dangerous because they involve more than just the victim's skin.

Lacerations can be dangerous by themselves, but there is always an additional risk of infection anytime a person’s skin breaks open. Lacerations can become infected due to debris, dirt, metal, or gas coming into contact with them. In the aftermath of a car accident, a victim will likely become exposed to dangerous substances that can increase the likelihood of infection. Many car accident victims stop for lacerations because a piece of debris such as shards of glass or metal cut them. Dangerous infections can also develop at the hospital.

Treating Lacerations From Car Accidents

Lacerations can result in swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Victims of lacerations need medical assistance right away so their wounds can be treated, and they can limit the risk of infection. The first step in the treatment process is typically wound irrigation and cleaning of the laceration. This step involves removing debris from the laceration, cleaning off excess discharge, and decreasing the possibility of an infection developing.

Next, medical professionals may need to close the skin with stitches and repair any damaged muscles. In severe cases, the patient may need to go under anesthesia for more extended surgery. Medical professionals often prescribe pain medication to help victims of lacerations cope with the pain. They may also prescribe antibiotics to help the patient fight infection. When lacerations are severe and lead to disfigurement or scarring, doctors may need to conduct skin grafts or plastic surgery.

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