Friends and Family Car Accident Claims

The majority of car accidents involve strangers. However, some car accidents involve family members and friends. Knowing how to navigate recovering compensation when a family member or friend caused a car accident can be challenging. When the victim of a car accident is a relative or friend of the driver who was at fault for the accident, the victim may need to bring a personal injury lawsuit against his or her friend or relative.

Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

What happens when a parent, child, uncle, or grandchild causes your injuries in a car accident? Can you hold your family member or friend responsible for the car accident that caused your injuries and property damage? Under North Carolina law, yes, you can. You have the same rights as you would if a stranger caused the car accident that resulted in your injuries. We can help you obtain compensation while being aware of your loved one's interests. The process for recovering compensation does not have to ruin close relationships.

However, it is essential that you stand up for your rights and recover the compensation you need for your medical bills and other expenses. Sometimes people assume that there is no need to work with an attorney when they are dealing with friends or family members. On the contrary, consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer can help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the best settlement possible.

What to Do if You Are a Passenger in an Accident Caused by Your Loved One

In many cases involving family members and friends, the at-fault driver causes a car accident, and his or her passenger becomes injured. Suppose a mother and her adult daughter were driving to go to lunch together. The mother checks her text message and becomes distracted, drifting into another lane and side-swiping another vehicle. The daughter suffers neck and back injuries, specifically whiplash. The daughter has a right to file a claim against her mother who caused the accident. In most cases, the daughter will be able to recover compensation through the mother's insurance policy.

What if the mother does not have an insurance policy that covers all of the daughter’s damages? The victim may need to file a claim for an uninsured or underinsured motorist through his or her own car insurance policy. When filing a claim through the insurance company is not a viable option, the victim may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. Bringing a lawsuit against loved ones or family members is a difficult decision. The attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, will carefully listen to the facts of your case and help you understand your legal options. We will guide you through what each process will look like to make the best decision possible for seeking compensation.

After an accident involving a family member, you should take the same types of steps you would after any other accident. For example, ask for a police officer to come to the scene, make a report, and ask emergency medical personnel to come to the scene. Take photos of the accident scene if you can safely do so, and then follow your doctor's directions to reach maximum physical recovery.

We also recommend keeping all of your records together and organized and keeping a log of your injuries and pain. If you can, take photos of your injuries. We recommend consulting with a car accident lawyer before you accept a settlement. Insurance companies are notorious for offering low amounts to settle the case as quickly as possible. Your lawyer will be able to negotiate with the insurance company so you can obtain all of the compensation you deserve.

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At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we understand how difficult it is to navigate a car accident involving family members and friends. Our law firm has a proven track record of success in obtaining compensation for our clients who have been injured in car accidents. We are here to provide our clients with skilled legal counsel for family members injured in a car accident caused by another relative or friend’s negligent actions.

We will negotiate in meetings with the defendant's lawyer to achieve the highest out-of-court settlement possible. We have a comprehensive understanding of North Carolina tort law and will advocate for the best possible outcome for you outside of court or in court. Contact us today at 704-370-2828 to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced car accident lawyers.

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