Lawyers can Assist Those Injured in Accidents Caused by Vehicles Traveling in Reverse

Most newer vehicles come equipped with cameras affixed near the rear license plates that enable drivers to view areas behind vehicles when the vehicles are traveling in reverse. Despite the widespread use of these rear-facing cameras, thousands of careless drivers still cause crashes while operating a vehicle in reverse in Charlotte, North Carolina annually.

Many careless drivers refuse to obey traffic rules and disobey traffic signals while backing up. Other drivers fail to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles when backing up, and frequent crashes occur in which one vehicle backs into the front or into the side of another vehicle in motion.

Injured Persons Should Contact Our Experienced Charlotte Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or property damage in a crash caused by a driver operating a vehicle in reverse, the best thing you can do is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to review your options. In many car accident cases, while fault may be clear to one driver, an officer arriving on the scene after the fact may hear conflicting stories regarding fault, and may not issue any traffic citations. Similarly, if a crash case goes to trial in court, a jury is likely to hear two sides of the same story from two different drivers, each of whom blames the other.

The legal professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC possess the experience and expertise to thoroughly investigate a crash case and gather available evidence available that can show who was liable for a crash and for an injured person’s damage. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Common Factors Linked to Crashes That Occur When Vehicles are in Reverse

Car accidents that occur when a vehicle’s transmission is in the reverse position often occur in parking lots, on the sides of streets, and in driveways. These accidents nearly always involve a driver who is backing out of a space into oncoming traffic. Determining liability in reverse accidents can prove difficult where the issue of right-of-way is not clear. In some cases, drivers may back into fixed objects such as traffic signs, light poles, or even buildings. An experienced lawyer can help affected persons determine who was at fault in vehicle-in-reverse accidents.

Determining Fault in Vehicle-In-Reverse Accidents can be Tricky

The key issue in determining fault in a vehicle-in-reverse accident involving two or more vehicles is determining who possessed the right-of-way. Traffic signals, traffic signs, or the applicable rules of the road may dictate which vehicle possessed the right-of-way. In most cases, a driver who is operating a vehicle in reverse must yield to other vehicles, therefore vehicles that are traveling in reverse are most often at fault for accidents that occur during such movement.

The professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC can gather all pertinent information about an incident to help demonstrate that clients were injured as a result of the negligence of other parties. Our professionals can obtain video footage of incidents, any police reports, witness testimony, and any other evidence pertaining to accident scenes. Many persons carry personal cellular telephones equipped with cameras. Photographs of a crash scene have proved valuable in establish both fault and the measure of a person’s damages in crash cases.

Vehicle-in-Reverse Crashes Often Turn Into Hit-And-Run Cases

Sadly, many drivers who negligently collide into a vehicle while traveling in reverse are prone to attempt to flee the scene. It is often difficult to identify who the at-fault party was for a crash when the same party has fled from the accident scene.

An experienced personal injury attorney can assist an injured person in these circumstances with identifying the at-fault driver and with identifying applicable insurance policies that may provide coverage for an incident.

The professionals at Arnold & Smith, PLLC are familiar with the rules governing the use and release of traffic camera videos. If a person has been injured in a crash and is unable to identify the at-fault party, the best thing the person can do is contact our legal professionals. The injured person should act quickly, however, because most traffic camera devices are taped over within a ten (10) day period after an incident.

Even if traffic cameras fail to capture an incident and an at-fault driver cannot be identified, North Carolina—like many states—requires persons operating motor vehicles to carry no-fault uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage applies to hit-and-run accidents.

Our legal professionals can help injured persons identify all available sources of insurance coverage, and they can help them obtain the compensation they deserve. Contact us today at 704-370-2828 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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