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Poor road conditions are common, yet often overlooked causes of motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina. Those who suffered injuries resulting from car accidents caused by negligent road design or poor road maintenance may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. The personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Smith, PLLC have helped many clients receive compensation for their injuries. Our skilled attorneys thoroughly investigate all of our clients’ cases to determine all potentially liable parties. If you have suffered an injury resulting from negligent road design, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our car accident law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Examples of Road Maintenance Negligence

The state of North Carolina and the cities within such as Charlotte, Monroe and Mooresville have a responsibility to make sure their roads are safe for drivers. Inadequate or negligent road designs and negligent road maintenance can cause devastating car accidents. The following list contains examples of negligent road designs that result in motor vehicle accidents:

  • Malfunctioning or failing traffic lights or traffic signals
  • A lack of necessary traffic control devices at busy intersections
  • Failure to replace damaged or fallen traffic signs or lights
  • Poorly designed or maintained traffic bridges that can lead to collapsing bridges
  • Negligently designed or maintained entry and exit ramps on highways
  • Dark roadways or parking lots caused by negligent design
  • Failure to maintain street lamps
  • Fixtures, landscaping, or utility poles that block the views of drivers
  • Obstructed yield or stop signs
  • Roadsides that are improperly gated
  • Poorly designed highway shoulders
Investigating Charlotte Roadway Defect Car Accidents

If your motor vehicle accident resulted from a roadway accident, you might be entitled to compensation. To determine who is a fault in a motor vehicle accident, our attorneys always conduct a thorough investigation into the facts surrounding their cases. Sometimes detailed investigations into the circumstances of the truck or car accident reveal that some characteristics of the road or highway contributed to the crash.

Who is Liable in a Negligently Designed Road Car Accident?

A thorough investigation into the circumstances of the case will often reveal which government agency or individual is at fault. If an investigation reveals that debris in the road caused a driver to serve and caused an accident, the owner of the debris may be at fault. For example, if a construction company left debris on the road after repairing the road, it could be liable for injuries resulting from car accidents caused by debris.

When a road defect is the suspected cause of a motor vehicle accident, our attorneys investigate the accident records for that particular road. If significant accidents have occurred in that precise area, that fact could indicate that the municipality in charge of the road negligently designed the road. For example, if collisions frequently occur at a particular highway entrance ramp, a poor design that does not allow drivers enough time to merge onto the freeway safely could be the cause of the accidents.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a City

It is sometimes challenging to recover damages from municipalities, but it can be done successfully in the right situations. Local municipalities enjoy some immunity from civil lawsuits. However, if the City of Charlotte knew that a roadway defect was dangerous and failed to take action to correct the defect or warn other drivers, the injured party may have a valid claim for compensation.

In the case of a negligently designed or maintained the roadway, an injured person may be able to bring a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina or the city of Charlotte. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of North Carolina personal injury laws. We know what it takes to succeed in filing a claim against a city or the state of North Carolina for negligent road design, and we work hard on behalf of our clients.

Our North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our personal injury law firm has the resources and skills to help our clients with their car accident claims assertively. Whether our clients hope to settle out of court or need to take their claim to court in a civil lawsuit, we are here to help. We fight for our clients' best interests throughout the entire legal process.

Our attorneys have a team of connections with expert roadway and traffic engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, and human factors experts. Using all of the resources at our disposal, we thoroughly investigate our clients’ motor vehicle accidents and advise them as to the best legal avenue to seeking compensation. Contact our team of Charlotte personal injury attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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