Broken Bone Car Accident

Receiving a broken bone in a Charlotte, North Carolina car accident can be frustrating. Broken bones often take several weeks or even months to properly heal. Car collisions can cause so much force that bones fractures or even snap in half. Blunt force trauma from the car itself or from another object or debris can also cause broken bones. Despite the many public campaigns against driving while distracted and texting while driving, many distracted drivers continue to cause accidents. In addition to recovering from the physical trauma of a broken bone, many car accident victims must also contend with the stress of contacting insurance companies and mounting medical bills.

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Common Causes of Broken Bones or Bone Fractures in Car Accidents

Due to the intense force of a car accident collision, there are many ways in which a broken bone can occur, such as:

  • A crushing impact causes a bone fracture: In some instances, semi-trucks, buses or other large vehicles can crush a victim. The force of being crushed can cause bones to fracture or break, especially when a large motor vehicle collides with a small passenger car.
  • Falling off of a motorcycle: Even when motorcyclists wear helmets, they might still suffer from broken bones. The force of impact can cause motorcyclists to fly off of their motorcycle and slam into the hard pavement. This impact can result in broken ribs, femurs, arms, hands, and more.
  • Hitting an object: As humans, we naturally place our hands out in front of us when we sense danger to protect our head and face. The force of an airbag hitting hands, wrists, and fingers can cause broken bones. Additionally, hands and arms can collide with the steering column, window, or another object inside the motor vehicle that flies toward the victim during the car accident.
  • Expulsion from the motor vehicle: The force of a car accident can throw a passenger or driver through the windshield upon impact. High-speed crashes and crashes involving roll-overs commonly broken bones.
  • Pedestrian and e-scooter accidents: Cities are becoming more crowded. With more pedestrians comes the increased risk of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. Pedestrians have no outer protection from motor vehicles. Thus, when a car collides with a pedestrian, many bones can become broken or shattered as a result. When cars back into pedestrians who are standing up, the car can cause both femur or thigh bones to snap.
Common Types of Fractures Involved in Car Accidents

The severity of broken bone injuries varies from injury to injury. Sometimes, surgeons must place a metal rod and pin to hold the fractured bone in place while the car accident victim recovers. Some of the most common broken bones caused by car accidents include the following:

  • A closed bone break in which the fractured bones do not come through the victim’s skin.
  • An open bone fracture in which the bone snaps and pieces of bone pierce the skin.
  • A displaced bone fracture in which the bone snaps into pieces and shifts, making the bones out of alignment. A displaced bone fracture is quite serious and typically requires surgery and extensive repair.
  • In a non-displaced bone fracture, the bone breaks into pieces while remaining in proper alignment.
  • In a transverse fracture, the direct pressure, or impact snaps the bone in two, usually at a right ankle.
  • In a compound fracture, the broken bone protrudes through the skin and bones are out of alignment. This type of severe bone fracture can be lethal. Victims of compound breaks need close monitoring to make sure they do not develop an infection.
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Broken bones and bone fractures caused by car accidents can take a long time to heal. Many of our clients need to take time off of work to recover from their car accident. Arnold & Smith, PLLC can help you fight for your right to compensation for your injuries caused by another person’s negligence. Contact our personal injury law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. We are proud to offer three convenient office locations in Charlotte, Monroe and Mooresville, call us 24 hours a day at 704.370.2828 to get your consultation scheduled.

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