How Much is My Herniated Disc Case Worth?

Sometimes the injuries a person endures after a car accident are not automatically obvious due to a lack of external indication or because of unique circumstances that delay or offset pain. It could take a few hours or even days for the shock to wear off and for you to realize the extent of your injuries. Herniated discs are a type of car accident injury that can cause long-term complications. Herniated discs can make it challenging to engage in your day-to-day activities without significant pain. If you have suffered a herniated disc in a car accident, you may be wondering what your disc injury claim is worth in a verdict or settlement. Every case is different, but we use a few common factors to value personal injury cases.

Variables Involved in Valuing a Herniated Disc Case

At Arnold & Smith, PLLC, we have helped many clients obtain compensation in personal injury matters like herniated disc lawsuits. We know what it takes to succeed in North Carolina personal injury cases. Our clients often ask us how much their case is worth when they first meet with us. You will not find a chart or a website that will accurately tell you the exact value of your herniated disc claim. There is no precise formula to analyze how much your claim is worth. In personal injury lawsuits, there are multiple factors involved in valuing a case.

If you are dealing with intense, chronic pain from your herniated disc, you will likely be entitled to more compensation. Additionally, if you had to undergo spinal fusion therapy or have an artificial disc implanted, you probably had a long recovery period of up to a year, during which you may not have been able to work. In that case, you may be able to request compensation for all of your lost time at work and the ongoing pain involved in your recovery. There are a few critical variables in herniated disc lawsuits, mainly:

  • The jurisdiction of your case
  • The insurance company
  • The severity of the impact of the car accident (your property damage)
  • The severity and strength of your objective injuries, such as your herniated disc

Personal injury lawyers will use these factors to try to determine an estimated range of damages to which you may be entitled. Personal injury lawyers can access the statistics and typically have an idea of the average jury verdict amounts and settlement amounts in cases similar to your case. In cases of severely herniated discs, you could be entitled to up to $400,000. If you are no longer able to work because of chronic pain, your case will be valued even higher. When a herniated disc destroys a person's life both professionally and personally, juries may be willing to award higher verdicts.

Proving the Extent of Your Degenerative Disc

One of the best things you can do after the accident that causes your herniated disc is to undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation. You will need to prove that the car accident or other accident in which you were involved was the direct cause of your herniated disc. Or, you will need to prove that the accident made your herniated disc injury more severe. When you receive treatment after your accident, tell the doctor about your back pain and request appropriate imaging documentation such as an x-ray. The x-ray or MRI will show the extent of your herniated disc.

When it comes to herniated discs, these types of injuries affect everyone a little bit differently. For example, two herniated discs that were the same on an MRI may impact the patients in totally different ways. One patient may experience excruciating pain while the other patient can live with the symptoms.

Two issues are often contentious in herniated disc lawsuits. The first issue is proving that the herniated disc is the direct result of the car accident. The second issue involves the amount of limitation and pain that the herniated disc causes the victim. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side who will thoroughly investigate your accident and help you prove how your herniated disc limits your daily activities.

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