Child Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of death among children in the United States. In 2018 over 97,000 children age 12 and under became injured in car accidents. That year, 636 children died in motor vehicle collisions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Watching a child suffer from injuries caused by a preventable car accident can be devastating for parents. Children are often more susceptible to brain and spinal cord injuries, especially if they are not properly strapped into their car seats when the accident occurs.

Common Injuries Sustained by Children in Car Accidents

Every car accident is different, and children can suffer a wide variety of injuries during a car accident. After a car accident, the first thing parents should do is to call 911 and request emergency medical services immediately. Many injuries are difficult to detect. It can even be challenging to detect brain injuries and concussions immediately after a car accident.

It is always wise to seek out a comprehensive medical evaluation for your child so that you can understand the extent of his or her injuries. Receiving prompt medical treatment can improve your child's long-term outcome and can help you build your case against the at-fault driver who caused your child's injuries. Obtaining a comprehensive medical evaluation, including blood tests, x-rays, and photographs after the accident, can help you understand the full extent of the child's injuries. With this information, an attorney can help you further understand what economic damages you may be entitled to if you are successful in a personal injury lawsuit.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head and neck injuries are some of the most common, yet devastating, injuries suffered by children in car accidents. Head injuries include concussions, whiplash, contusions, traumatic brain injuries, and skull fractures. The force of a car accident can cause a child's head to whip forward and back harshly, causing tissue and nerve damage in their heads and necks. Debris such as glass or metal may cut into their heads, causing brain hemorrhages or bruising.

Severe traumatic brain injury can cause temporary symptoms and permanent developmental problems. Children who experienced severe traumatic brain injuries can suffer permanent developmental problems, cognitive difficulties, and behavioral problems that require constant caregiving or supervision. When children experience severe traumatic brain injuries, they may also develop cerebral palsy and require mobility assistance for the rest of their lives.

Airbag Injuries

Children who are riding in the front seat of a vehicle are more likely to suffer airbag injuries than those in the backseat. When children sit in the front passenger seat, the airbag can cause devastating injuries, such as broken noses, broken cheekbones, and even broken necks because they are so small. Some motor vehicle manufacturers include airbags throughout the vehicle, not just in the front dashboard. When these airbags are defective or not working properly, they can make a child's injuries worse or cause new injuries that could have been prevented.

Car Seat Injuries

When car seats function correctly and parents strap in their children correctly, they can prevent serious injuries and death in car accidents. Unfortunately, manufacturing defects have occurred that result in children becoming injured or dying in car accidents. If you suspect that your child's car seat malfunctioned during your car accident, resulting in your child's injuries, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Glass Injuries

Children can suffer dangerous lacerations when cut by a broken window or windshield. When children experience deep lacerations on their faces, they could experience permanent scarring and risk Dental injuries or other types of facial trauma. Lacerations can often lead to permanent disfigurement. In severe cases, debris or glass can cause injuries that require surgeons to amputate a child's leg or arms.

Chest Injuries

Even when children are properly restrained in their car seats, they can still suffer injuries. In some cases, children suffer thoracic injuries, including lung injuries, internal bleeding, and rib fractures. All of these types of injuries are dangerous and could require multiple invasive operations and medical procedures to treat. They can also cause children significant pain and suffering.

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