Broken Bones From Car Accidents

Broken bones are among the most common types of injuries to arise out of car accidents. The force of the car accident can injure a person’s back. A person’s hands or fingers could become fractured while attempting to brace for the car accident’s impact. When a car becomes crushed in the accident, the force can cause a person's leg bones to fracture. Bone fractures can be expensive to treat, and they can require the victim to take significant time off work.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately After a Broken Bone

There are many causes of bone fractures in car accident cases. When people brace themselves for the collision’s impact, slam into the door or dashboard, or are hit by an object of debris, they can experience bone fractures. Bones are robust, but the force of a car accident is often stronger. The pressure placed on a person's bone can cause it to crack, bend, or even break.

In many cases, bone fractures are closed, meaning the bone is not jutting out from the skin. Closed fractures can be complicated for emergency medical personnel to detect at the scene of the car accident. If you are in a car accident, it is wise to go to the hospital for a proper full body assessment and treatment. Doctors at the hospital have tools available, such as x-ray machines, that will help you detect whether you have suffered a closed fracture so you can receive the medical treatment you need.

It is possible to suffer a bone fracture and not realize it because of the adrenaline and shock of the car accident masked the pain. We recommend getting a thorough medical evaluation at the hospital or your regular doctor after the car accident. If you experience bruising or redness, swelling, tenderness, or a loss of movement in the hours or days after your car accident, these could be indications that you experienced a bone fracture or some other potentially serious injury in your car accident. Waiting too long to seek medical treatment will prevent your fracture from healing properly. You could suffer an infection or serious nerve, ligament, tendon, or muscle damage if you wait to seek treatment.

Types of Bone Fractures

Bone fractures vary in severity. In many cases, bone fractures involve a person's wrists, legs, shoulders, ribs, or arms. However, individuals involved in severe car accidents can also experience a broken hip, facial fractures, or a cracked pelvis. The most common type of fracture is a stable fracture, which is usually mild. Stable fractures go all the way through the bone and often require casting. Open, compound fractures are more serious.

In open, compound fractures, the bone will break through the skin. Whenever someone’s skin is broken, an infection becomes a serious concern. If the individual does not receive medical treatment promptly, an infection can spread. Open, compound fractures are extremely serious and timely injuries that may require some type of metal screws and plates as well as extensive surgery to repair. Likewise, comminuted fractures are also severe. In these types of fractures, the bone breaks into multiple pieces. Repairing comminuted fractures is difficult. Victims of these types of severe fractures often require multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy.

The severity and complexity of the fracture will determine how much compensation you may be able to recover. If you experience a severe fracture, you could need multiple orthopedic surgeries, including complex operations that require pins, plates, rods, or screws. You may even need assisted walking devices and long-term care.

Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer

There is nothing minor about broken bones caused by car accidents. Broken bones can require expensive surgeries and medical treatments, especially if the victim experiences complications. Severe bone fractures can lead to permanent or long-term disability that prevents a person from working. Finally, serious broken bones can cause emotional anguish and physical pain that lasts a lifetime. Contacting an attorney about your car accident can help you protect your legal right to compensation.

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