How Much is My Face Injury Lawsuit Worth?

Suffering any injury can be a painful, life changing experience, but a face injury can be devastating. Having to live with a disfiguring facial scar can affect nearly all aspects of a victim's life. If you are considering pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or company who caused your facial injury, you are probably wondering how much your claim is worth. The amount of compensation you can receive is based on your facial injury symptoms, not necessarily the type of injury you suffered. It is impossible to predict exactly how much compensation you can recover. Still, the personal injury lawyers at Arnold & Smith, PLLC, can provide you with an estimate of your claim’s value. Contact us today at 704-370-2828 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries range in severity. Minor eye injuries may affect a patient’s sight temporarily. Suppose a victim has experienced a temporary loss of vision that results in surgery, loss of income, and pain. Depending on many factors this type of claim could be valued at over $75,000. When a person loses their sight permanently, the claim will be worth much more. When a victim loses their vision, they may lose the ability to work in their career field, and their loss of eyesight will require significant expenses involving adaptive equipment and care. For example, a claim involving permanent loss of vision for a middle-aged individual could be worth over $1 million.

Nose Injuries

Nose injuries are common in car accidents. When a person collides with an airbag or the dashboard at high speeds, their nose can become broken or injured. Victims of slip and fall accidents can also suffer nose injuries. As with any other claim, the more medical expenses you undergo, the higher your claim’s value. If you need surgery on your nose or become permanently disfigured, your claim will be worth more.

Facial Disfigurement and Scarring

Facial disfigurement and scarring cases can be worth a significant amount of money. Anytime a victim suffers permanent and visible scarring, it can affect their confidence and self-esteem. Serious facial scarring can also affect a person's career. For example, if someone wants to be an actor or model, a disfiguring facial scar can make it challenging to find work. The value of your claim will depend on your past and future medical costs, the location of the cosmetic defect, whether you can cover up the scar with makeup, and how it has affected your personal and professional life. If you have developed any mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression as a result of your injury, those could also play a factor.

Serious Cheekbone Fracture

Cheekbone fracture injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, and recreational accidents. If you fractured your cheekbone, you might need to undergo reconstructive surgery. Fractured cheekbones can also cause paresthesia, in which a patient feels pins and needles sensations in their cheeks and lips. Sometimes serious cheekbone fractures can also cause cosmetic disfigurement. As with other facial injuries, the value of your claim greatly depends on your medical costs and how your injury affects your career.

Mouth Injuries

Many victims of recreational accidents in car accidents end up losing teeth as part of their mouth injury. The award you receive depends on how many teeth have been affected and whether they are your back or front teeth. When a patient requires multiple dental implants, the costs can rise significantly, driving up the claim’s value.

Fractured Jaws

A fractured jaw can be one of the most devastating facial injuries. Recovering from a fractured jaw is painful and may require time off of work. Patients may need around-the-clock care after jaw surgery, and you may be required to wear a jaw immobilizer, making it difficult or impossible to return to work while your jaw heals.

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