Hip Injuries and Fractures from Car Accidents

Hip injuries are common in severe car accidents. The force of car accidents, even mild car accidents, can cause pressure on the hip, resulting in hip injuries. When a passenger’s knee slams into the car's dashboard during the accident, their hip can become displaced. Typically, car accident victims will feel a pop when their hip pops out of place, making standing and walking incredibly difficult. When a dislocated hip involves a fracture, the patient typically needs surgery.

Hip Fractures Caused by Car Accidents

Hip fractures are also serious, and the force of impact involved in a car accident can fracture the femur and the pelvic acetabulum of the hip. When hip fractures are severe, surgeons often need to use screws, plates, rods, and other metal components to reduce the fracture and stabilize the hip. Even when hip fractures are not severe, the car accident victim will likely need to take pain medications, engage in activity modification, and attend physical therapy.

Hip Strain and Sprains Caused by Car Accidents

Ligament sprains or hip muscle strains are common after a car accident. While these types of hip injuries are not as severe as a hip fracture or hip dislocation, they are serious. Patients who suffer from a hip strain or sprain require medical attention to reduce their swelling, inflammation, pain, and to increase the range of motion. When these types of injuries are left untreated, patients can suffer from a decreased range of motion and additional symptoms.

If You Have Injured Your Hip, Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

Hip injuries caused by car accidents can be extremely serious. It's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident so you can receive the treatment you need. Delaying treatment of a hip problem can cause problems in the future, such as osteoporosis. Seeking medical treatment right away will allow you to recover faster. Your doctor will likely order an x-ray of your hip to better understand your injury.

Seeking treatment is also important because it creates a medical documentation trail related to your car accident injury. Whether you seek compensation from an auto insurance policy or through a personal injury lawsuit, you will need to prove that the car accident caused your hip injury.

It is also important to follow through with all of your medical appointments and take all of your medication. Insurance companies will sometimes try to deny claims on the basis that the victim was not really injured. An insurance adjuster may claim that your injury became worse because you failed to go to your doctor's appointments or take your medication. Following through with your medical treatment plan puts you in the best position to recover financial compensation. We also recommend keeping detailed records of all of your medical treatment and prescriptions.

Hip Pain After Car Accidents

Hip pain can be debilitating. Nearly every movement we make affects our hips. If your hip has become injured in a car accident, your hip capsule could become filled with fluid due to swelling, causing severe pain. In addition to experiencing pain when you are moving or even lying down, suffering a hip injury can decrease your ability to stay active. When a joint not in motion, it can become even more stiff and painful.

Living with hip pain can be incredibly challenging. In severe cases, victims need to move to a single-story home because they cannot climb the stairs. Victims who enjoyed outdoor activities or sports are often unable to participate in them after their hip injury. Additionally, managing the pain can seem like a full-time job for those with severe hip injuries. Hip injuries caused by car accidents can result in additional bursitis, tendonitis, and osteoporosis.

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