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p> Scooter accidents have become more common than ever. Businesses have started providing electronic scooter rentals in popular tourist areas, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Customers can pay to rent an electric scooter or moped to tour the city. Unfortunately, not everyone has experience writing electric or motorized scooters. They may be less careful while on vacation and more likely to be right in front of vehicles, causing an accident. In other cases, a person operating an electric scooter safely could be hit by a driver who is not paying attention, causing severe injuries.

In addition to tourists renting scooters to take in the town, many residents have begun using motorized scooters and electric bicycles to commute. As gas prices continue to rise, scooters can be affordable and useful in urban settings. Some scooters cost less than $2,000 and can get up to 150 miles per gallon, making them popular recreational and commuter vehicles. However, their small size and lack of external protection make drivers vulnerable to collisions.

As traffic increases, so does the possibility that a distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent driver will collide with the scooter. In many ways, electric scooters and mopeds writers are even more vulnerable to car accidents than motorcycle riders because they are even smaller and slower than their motorcycle cousins.

North Carolina Motor Scooter Laws

Under North Carolina law, people do not need a special license, license endorsement, or insurance to operate a motorized scooter or moped. The two-wheeled vehicle cannot exceed 30 mph on a level surface to qualify as a scooter or moped in North Carolina. Additionally, it cannot possess an engine larger than 50 cubic centimeters. In North Carolina, moped and scooter riders must be at least 16 years old and wear a helmet at all times while operating the scooter or moped.

Even though the maximum speed on these types of scooters is typically around 35 to 40 mph, they can be challenging to see. If you have been injured while using a motor scooter, you can expect that the insurance company will argue that you were partially at fault.

Causes of Moped and Scooter Accidents

Reduced visibility is one of the leading causes of moped and scooter accidents. Motorists often hit scooters and mopeds because they do not see them. A driver may make a left-hand turn in front of the scooter or moped rider. A driver may pull out of a side street or a parking lot or drive away right into the path of the scooter rider. Additionally, drivers who do not check their blind spots thoroughly will fail to see scooters and mopeds because they are so small.

Scooters and mopeds stop more quickly than other motor vehicles. Because they stopped so much more quickly, the risk of a rear-end collision increases. If a truck, tractor-trailer, or car is following the scooter too closely and the scooter stops abruptly, the driver may not be able to avoid a collision. In other cases, drivers will misjudge the scooter's speed or moped. Many drivers are not used to sharing a road with these vehicles. A driver may incorrectly judge the speed of an oncoming two-wheeler and may pull out in front of a scooter moped or change lanes into its path.

The moped or scooter may have had a product defect, such as a manufacturing flaw or defective design that caused the accident. Finally, mopeds and scooters are more vulnerable to accidents caused by roadway defects such as uneven lanes, potholes, pooled water, and loose gravel. The state or local government responsible for maintaining the road could be responsible for scooter or moped injuries when the defective road has caused them.

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